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5 Tips For Moving Into Senior Living

One of the most difficult conversations to have can be moving your loved one into senior living. It’s an emotional discussion and a delicate process. However, with proper planning it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Here are five helpful tips that will ease the stress everyone is feeling and allow a smoother transition for the senior in your life.

1. Creating Space For The Conversation

Bringing up the topic of senior living can be scary for both you and your senior loved one. It’s very common to have some apprehension or sadness towards moving from all parties involved. It’s important to create an open dialogue between you and your senior about the need to move as well as giving him or her the opportunity to make some decisions about moving. This way, your loved one will know he or she is included in the process.

2. Establish A Time Frame To Move

After having the conversation of moving, you’ll want to discuss an appropriate time to move. Try to find a day that is comfortable and gives you ample amount of time to pack up your loved one’s belongings. It’s good practice to pick a day that will work best for everyone as it will lessen the overwhelming feeling for your senior.

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3. Sorting And Organizing

Another big part of this process is consolidating your senior’s possessions. It is very difficult for people to part with objects that have played a large or sentimental role in their life. That means you’ll want to make sure you are considerate when consolidating belongings. Ask nearby relatives if they can hold onto some of the more important possessions until your senior has time to decide if they have room for it in his or her new home.

4. Seek Out a Support System of Loved Ones

To make this process easier on you, seek out family and friends of your senior that can help you make this transition more approachable. You can start by talking to trusted immediate family who are close to your loved one. Once they are all settled in you might decide to add in caregivers who have established a connection with your senior. This support system will help provide everyone with a sense of comfort while your senior is in their new community.

5. Self-Care Is Important Too

The last tip we have is to make sure you are taking care of yourself in this process too. This can be heart-wrenching and it’s important to focus on the benefits of moving your senior into senior living. This step will be a good time to re-establish communication with your senior about how you both are feeling. Change can be scary, but it can also bring a whole new world of life experiences.

A well thought-out and planned move for your senior can all around lessen the tension and stress of the process. These tips combined with opened-mindedness and understanding will produce the most positive outcomes. Remember, when looking into different senior living communities that will be most comfortable for your senior doing research is key.


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