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5 Tips for Moving into Senior Living

Choosing to move a loved one into senior living can be difficult. However, once the decision is set in stone, planning the move is the next step. This is a very emotional time for both seniors and families and requires a sensitive approach. These five tips will help ease the emotions that everyone is experiencing and make for a more seamless transition.

1. Strategize Timing

It is important to pick a move date that aligns with everyone’s routine and schedule. If possible, find a date that makes everyone feel comfortable, as this will lessen the tensions, nerves and overall daunting aspect of such a big life change.

2. Form a Support Network

Consult family and friends that you want to support this process, as they may make the shift more approachable. Once moved in, expand the support network to include trusted employees that have connected with you. Having a strong support network will make everyone feel more at peace.

3. Be Considerate of Downsizing

Downsizing can be a long and painful process for a family. It may require different people in the support network holding onto belongings for a little time post move-in. This will allow for a settling period where your loved one can determine what they need and have room for in his or her new home. Keep in mind, it is extremely difficult to give many of the things that have played a large and sentimental role in one’s lifetime.

4. Communicate Feelings

Remember that this is a brand new life experience for everyone involved and requires empathy. The best method to counteract the fear of the unknown is to communicate your feelings often. It is so important to stay on the same page and to resolve conflicts as they arise. Communicating frequently will make it so that nothing important goes unnoticed or unaddressed.

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5. Be Kind to Yourself

This can be a heart-wrenching process, sometimes initiated by the death of a partner, a decline in health, or a sense of loneliness. Be patient, as change can bring about an abundance of new opportunities. Remember to be kind to yourself and try to remain open to new advantages that lifestyle shifts can bring.

For the most positive outcome, these tips should be coupled with an attitude of open communication and understanding. Also, remember to do your research when looking into different senior living communities nearby. This transition can be a beautiful thing, especially when it is well thought out and planned ahead of time.


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