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Assisted Living Staff: Why It Matters

Whether you’re just beginning to look into assisted living for your loved one or have a few communities in mind, don’t forget about a key assisted living feature that is commonly overlooked: the staff. Having the right staff at an assisted living community can be a determining factor on your loved one’s happiness and well-being. Here’s a few reasons why assisted living staff matters so much.

Meeting Your Loved One’s Needs

It’s important that your loved one’s assisted living community staffs an adequate number of people. This includes aides, kitchen staff, management, maintenance and any other necessary team members. Because assisted living communities take on the role of a one-stop-shop for all your senior’s needs, it is essential that there is always someone available to meet a request.

Keeping Your Senior Safe

Having a proper staff also helps keep your parent or loved one safe in the event of an emergency. Many assisted living communities employ pull cords and other emergency alert systems in case of a fall, sudden illness or other pressing matter. If there aren’t enough employees on staff, your loved one could be left without critical assistance in their time of need.

Ensuring Happiness and Well-Being

More than just the number of people, it’s key that assisted living staff members are nurturing, caring and patient. As seniors age, their physical, emotional and mental needs begin to increase. It is important to have a caring staff, able to not only accommodate these needs, but to go above and beyond to ensure your loved one is happy and healthy.

Find Caring, Assisted Living Staff at Independence Village

Here at Independence Village, our mission is to create the best experience for our residents. Whether it’s joining in for a community event, cooking a resident’s favorite meal or just taking the time to say hello, our staff strives to make each moment of each day something to smile about. See for yourself what makes our assisted living staff so special by stopping by for a visit, or give us a call at 1-844-ENJOY for more information.


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