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Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Picking a senior living community is a big decision, and no two communities are exactly the same. Before you start the search, have an idea of qualities you’re looking for. This will make pairing a senior living home with your lifestyle much easier. Here are some basic requirements we think everyone should consider before signing-up.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Bon Appetit!

Moving into a senior living community is like staying in a resort year round. You wouldn’t choose a hotel with bad food, so why do it for your community? We recommend stopping by for a visit and getting a bite to eat. You’ll never know what you like unless you try it!

Everyday Housekeeping

If you’re not one for everyday cleaning, look for a community that will do it for you. Many senior living communities offer complimentary housekeeping. It gives you more free time, and if family or friends visit, your room is always looking its best!

Residents Are Busy

Are you the friendly type? If so, you want a senior living community that incorporates activities and trips into its calendar. The bonds you build with your neighbors and friends make everyday an adventure. Your apartment will transform into more than just your room, it will become your home among friends.

Schedule a Tour with StoryPoint

StoryPoint is the senior living community that cares about you. We treat our residents like family, because our residents are family. Give us a call at 1-855-40-STORY to talk to a Expert Community Specialist.


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