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At StoryPoint Chesterfield

For over 40 years, our communities have been considered the best in senior living by residents, families and community members alike.

I spent many months looking for the right place to move my mother into and checked out so many Senior Living Communities. So thankful she has ended up in StoryPoint (she calls it HappyPoint!). The apartments are just the right size with everything she needs to be comfortable. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff - it is truly an amazing community of caring people in a very lovely, new facility. I've enjoyed some of the activities with my mother and the food - oh my I could eat there every day! The Sunday brunch once a month is 5 star all the way! The transition for my mother from her home to this had everyone concerned. However, the staff has made it so easy for her to adjust and within weeks she was referring to StoryPoint as "Home". Mom recently had an unexpected trip to the hospital and upon her return needed extra care. The staff at the on-site home health care agency has done such a wonderful job in making sure all her needs are met. She loves all the aids and the gentle, loving way that help each day. My goal (and StoryPoint) is to make this mom's final home and with all the help available, I am sure it will be....

-M. Anderson
Resident's Family Member

The StoryPoint Chesterfield community is very new and updated, it is just a very welcoming environment that always smells fresh. There are so many different activities there, the calendar is completely full and you can be as busy as you want all throughout the week. On Tuesday's and Thursday's they have live entertainment. On Sundays they have wine tasting gatherings. Recently they had a casino gathering night where they had a Mardi Gras lunch in.

- Resident's Family Member

Great place. Residents are well cared for and the entire staff truly cares for each resident. We have no worries of my father-in-law day to day. He enjoys the activities, food, and friendships. Plus he is only a few miles from us and my husband can visit him often. They protected residents exceptionally well during the Covid outbreak.

-D Kay
Resident's Family Member

Lovely 2 bedroom apartment. Awesome staff (including kitchen servers and caregivers). Everyone is friendly. Our residents are welcoming. Activities are numerous. Something for everyone. Transportation to doctors, grocery shopping, etc. My husband and I enjoy living here!


Choosing StoryPoint for my elderly mother is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made for her. My mother absolutely loves living at StoryPoint. She phones me almost on a daily basis very excited to tell me, "Guess what activity we did today, or you're never going to believe what we ate for dinner today!" In my opinion one of the most important services that StoryPoint provides to its residents is the daily call in feature which allows the resident to check in at the beginning of each day. When anyone asks my mother, "How to you like living at StoryPoint?" Her reply is always, "I LOVE IT HERE!"

-Annette B
Resident's Family Member

“My Aunt has lived here since they opened she just loves it here!! The staff is so friendly and the building is well kept and beautiful. She loves the chef cooked meals and all the activities! Its funny she did not want to leave her house of 40 years but now she tells me how moving here was the best decision she has made in a long time!! Thank you Storypoint!”

-Joe Petty
Resident's Family Member

“The best decision we made was moving my parents into StoryPoint! The StoryPoint staff and Laurus Homecare are just like family and give 110%. They all are so friendly and supported my parents and myself with care and kindness through many difficult times. I appreciate their calmness and proactive rules through COVID to keep them safe. My father had a progressive disease but lived happier days after moving there and was treated and cared for like their own grandparent till the end! My mother’s health has continually improved and maintained since living there and that was my goal they have helped me reach! Thank you StoryPoint and Laurus,,”

-Cindy Miller
Resident's Family Member

A service industry can buy printed and broadcast advertising; however, trust, reputation, and goodwill cannot be purchased, they must be earned. In my opinion, this community has richly earned and deserves recognition for those attributes which we value so highly.

- Resident's Family Member

The community is beautiful. You didn’t leave out a thing. I love it here and will never regret coming here. Thanks for all you have done for me!

- Resident


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