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Memory Care

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Making Meaningful Connections With The Connection Points Memory Care Approach

Connect to a more personal, passionate and human approach to memory care.

Everything about our Connection Points Memory Care approach is incredibly personal — down to how it was developed. Our Aging and Dementia Services Team used decades of firsthand experience to perfect an approach that meets residents where they’re at on their dementia journey. All to give residents, team members and families the best possible experience, one connection point at a time.

Improving memory care from the top down.

Our difference starts with having a dedicated Memory Care Director. Their job is 100% focused on ensuring everything from the big picture to the smallest detail helps the resident experience live up to our highest standards from day one.

Creating a more engaged and intentional resident experience.

We’re elevating the memory care experience where it matters most. From science-backed methods that encourage residents to eat more, to interactive ways for residents and families to feel more connected from the moment residents move in.

What Makes Connection Points Different?

This new approach transforms memory care in every way. We evaluated everything we do to ensure the best possible experience for each resident. Ultimately, it comes down to making meaningful connections. Here are just a few of the reasons why our reimagined approach is crucial to how we share in our resident’s journeys together:

A Connected Experience

Creating the best possible experience for residents is the foundation of our Connection Points Memory Care approach. We do that by not only meeting people where they are on their journey with dementia, but we work to make every interaction more personal and impactful. By putting this mindset into everything from how we handle move-in, who we hire and what’s in our team members’ job descriptions — little changes make all the difference for residents and families.

What It Includes

  • Move-In Process
  • Specific Hiring Process
  • Housekeeping Specialist

Family Connection Points

We never forget that residents’ families are also on a journey with dementia. So, where dementia can divide and isolate people, our Connection Points Memory Care approach finds ways to bring them together. Whether that’s by helping families feel more involved in their loved ones’ lives, or by creating a larger community where people affected by this disease never have to feel alone. Because when families connect, they help each other see what to celebrate and embrace during this journey.

What It Includes

  • Family Engagement Plan
  • Family Monthly Newsletter

Resident Connection Points

Dementia robs people and families of so much, but it can’t take away who someone is. The biggest priority for our Connection Points Memory Care approach is making sure every resident is treated like the unique individual they are. Then we start finding what moves them and bring it to life. Because life in our neighborhoods isn’t about just filling the days — it’s about making the days fulfilling.

What It Includes

  • Interactive Environment
  • The Spark

Nourish Connection Points

Our Connection Points Memory Care approach includes a science-backed approach to nutrition that nourishes both the body and the spirit. Malnutrition and dehydration are a real risk for those experiencing dementia, so our neighborhoods have innovative ways that encourage residents to eat, preventing maladies like weight loss and UTIs.

But our approach understands eating isn’t just important for physical health, so we turn every mealtime into an opportunity for residents to engage and connect.

What It Includes

  • Certified Nourishment Specialist
  • 24/7 Snack Bar
  • Red Plate Dining
  • Fresh Smoothies
  • Family Style Dining
  • Revivify
  • Memory Morsels

Employee Connection Points

When a memory care approach is built on connections, your team matters even more. The Connection Points Memory Care approach gives our team members the training, tools and support they need to grow and be at their best. And in our experience, happier, better-trained employees stay longer, work harder and make more meaningful connections with residents. 

What It Includes

  • Color Card System
  • Dementia Training
  • Self-Care Program

Beacon Of Life Connection Points

This part of the journey through dementia is never easy, but Connection Points is here to make it more personal, comfortable and meaningful for residents and families. This is a chance to come together, to say goodbye and to celebrate the life of a loved one. Beyond having hospice professionals available to help, our approach offers a supportive, soothing and personalized environment during this transition.

What It Includes

  • Beacon of Life
  • Forget-Me-Knot Frame
  • Comfort Cart
  • Hospice Support

Is It Time To Consider Memory Care?

We know it can be a difficult time when a loved one begins experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments. We’re here to guide you through this journey and help you find the right care for your loved one.

If memory care is necessary, know that you are not alone in navigating this stage of your loved one’s unique journey. We are here to guide you. Give us a call and we’ll set up a time for you to come experience our memory care approach – the thoughtful design elements, a caring neighborhood and a whole compassionate community ready to support you and your loved one.

Stop by our community, we’re here to help. Feel free to call us anytime at 260-217-6759.

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