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Reviews & Awards
At StoryPoint Grove City

For 40 years, our communities have been considered the best in senior living by residents, families and community members alike.

The people at StoryPoint Grove City looked like they're generally happy there. It's nice, and the director or person I spoke to made you feel really at home, which I liked. The staff all came up to me, they didn't even know who I was, they were all very friendly and asked how I'm doing or if I needed anything. I came back later with my sister and they were serving dinner. I got to see the menus, and I can't believe all the food they offer to these people. It is amazing. They were sitting down, eating dinner and they just looked very content. The atmosphere in the dining room was so nice for everyone. There's so much for them to do, they even had a movie theater. They have activities, they take them where they want to go, plus they offer the family to come in and you can eat with, you know, with them. And they also have this like when you walk in, there was some kind of dog cafe won't call it cafe bar. You know, with coffee and everything and a bistro, they have a grand piano that people come in and sing, and it just was amazing.

- Janet
Residents Family Member

The food prepared at StoryPoint Grove City is very delightful! Everyone from the staff, to the leadership is very respectful and compassionate. Not only is everyone really nice, the building is well kept and always held to high standards!

- Tyler Ward
Residents Family Member

My Mother has been at Story Point since October and they have exceeded all of our expectations. They do a very good job at keeping residents busy and care for them like family. Everyone we've dealt with has been friendly and knowledgeable and seem to truly enjoy their jobs. They've been very helpful during this difficult time with covid and it's makes it easier to know that even during the times of no visitation I rested assured that my Mother was getting the best care. She's very happy with all of the meals and can't stop talking about how good the food is.

- Anonymous
Residents Family Member

I would strongly suggest you go here. It has been very friendly. They have done a wonderful job of caring for my mother. The communication is outstanding, anytime there is a change they call to let me know of the update. They have some ponds and courtyards on the grounds. The memory care has a lock down courtyard for the residents to use.

- Anonymous
Residents Family Member

Had reservations about putting my mom anywhere, but my mind was soon out at ease because of the great care she is receiving. She always tells me how good the food is and they always have plenty of activities to keep her busy as she chooses to be. As long as she is there, I don't worry about her well being.

- Melissa E
Residents Family Member

As a family member of a current resident, the one thing that has been the most comforting and priceless is the positive relationships I have formed with the staff. Everyone has been so helpful, encouraging, positive, approachable, and sincere. If you are considering Storypoint for yourself or a loved one, get to know the staff, all of them! They really do have the residents best interests at heart!

- Jen Cx
Family Member

Thankful for this caring community. My father was apprehensive at first, but now is living his best life thanks to the amazing activity programs, 5-star dining, & quality wellness care!

- Csimmons89
Family Member

I have always loved it here. I was ready to move in when I came to see the place. Everyone loves my dog as if it's their own. How nice to have friends who became family when you didn't expect it.

- Sandy

I am very pleased with how the staff looks after my mother. I do not think you could assemble a better group of individuals to run a facility. The food goes way beyond my expectations. I'm looking forward to being able to dine there again. You guys are my heroes. The apartments are just the right size and well maintained. The cleaning staff is excellent.

- Mike Blair
Family Member


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