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Update: Communication To StoryPoint Employees

March 11, 2020

Each of you plays a key role in implementing our proactive and precautionary efforts to keep our employees, residents, and communities safe against the spread of seasonal illnesses and viruses, like the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our commitment to safety begins with adhering to the recent standard operating procedure (SOP): Preventative maintenance process for disinfecting and sanitizing a community prior to an influenza outbreak, which is being communicated by the safety committee. All operational functional departments are assigned specific areas of the community to disinfect and sanitize on a timely basis, which assists with slowing down the spread of any viruses.

Our precautionary measures are in line with those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will continue to adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and other governmental agencies, as well as rely on our years of safety experience, to ensure our communities continue to maintain the highest precautionary standards against illnesses like COVID-19.

In addition to taking all precautionary measures, we have established an internal team dedicated to monitoring any news related to COVID-19. This team will provide regular updates about the virus so that our communities stay at the forefront of knowledge and communication to our safety committee.

Thank you for your commitment to always upholding our safety protocols.

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