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Update: Communal Dining Transition

June 9, 2020

Culinary protocols vary by state and community.

Dear Residents and Families,

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we continue to navigate COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our meal services have transitioned from meal delivery to a ‘take-out-style’ dining service, and now, we will begin phasing back into our communal dining service.

This first official phase requires our dining rooms to be at half capacity Monday through Saturday. As our community grows with more residents, we will determine if we need to establish two alternating dining groups to maintain compliance with social distancing protocols. You will be notified if this scenario should occur.

Here are additional details about our communal dining transition:

  • Dining areas will have assigned seating for the first phase of communal dining.
  • There will be three people per dining table as we continue to follow social distancing protocols.
  • You will notice the dining room table setup will look slightly different. For example:
    • For your safety and to avoid exposure, we have removed all condiments from the table. These items are still available, and the server can bring them out individually.
    • All table linens and linen napkins will not be used during this phase. Instead, paper napkins will be used.
    • We ask that residents continue to wear a face mask until their food is delivered to their table.
    • Your entrees, as well as dessert, will be served at the same time to avoid multiple exposures between resident and server.
  • On Sundays, we will be performing a deep cleaning and sanitizing of the dining room. On weekdays, we will continue to perform our routine cleaning and sanitizing three times per day.
    • All residents will have dinner delivered to their apartment on Sundays.

We appreciate your understanding during this time as we ease back into our day-to-day dining experiences while maintaining our enhanced safety protocols.

For more information about COVID-19 prevention, visit


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