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Privacy For Your Loved One. Peace of Mind For You.

For your parents or loved ones, it’s about finding the right community for them and their unique needs and desires. Our diverse range of senior living options means your loved one will have access to any services they may need, when they need it.

From daily assistance for active and independent seniors to comprehensive memory care, our employees strive to provide each and every resident with the support and attention they deserve.

We’d be happy to guide you through this process. Give us a call or fill out a form to schedule a visit to a StoryPoint community near you.

Unsure which living option is the right fit?

Signs Your Loved One May Need Senior Living

Changes in behavior may indicate your loved one is ready to transition into a senior living community. Here are some potential indicators your parent or loved one could benefit from living in a community setting free from isolation.
  • Frequent phone calls to you or other family members
  • Requests for company when running errands
  • Unwillingness/inability to participate in favorite hobbies or activities

If your loved one would benefit from more social interaction and support, contact the nearest StoryPoint to speak with us about his or her needs. We would love to hear your story and help direct you to the best solution for your family.

Talking To Your Loved One

Having a discussion about senior living with your loved one can be challenging. Here are a few tips to ease into this sensitive conversation.
  • Do your research. This will help you answer any questions or dispel any fears he or she may have.
  • Express your concerns. As a friend or family member.
  • Anticipate objections. Be sure to remain calm and loving no matter how resistant your loved one may become.
  • Discuss the financial aspects. Determine the cost of at home care versus the cost of moving into a senior living community.
  • Communicate commitment. Reassuring your loved one you will be present and available during and after the moving process.

We’re here to support you. Contact one of our expert Community Specialists today to ask questions or for more assistance on how to start the conversation.

Financial Planning
Our goal is to help you navigate and fully understand the costs as your loved one makes the transition into his or her new home.
  • Financial solutions – In most cases, we can provide solutions to help make your loved one’s move easier to accomplish.
  • Real estate services – Once a decision has been made, our specialists are ready to guide you with every step of selling your loved one’s home.
  • Veteran’s benefits assistance – Our partnership with Elder Law attorneys provides free seminars featuring Veteran’s Aid, Attendance Benefits and how to qualify.
  • Insurance services – We’ll conduct a complimentary review of long-term care policies to help you and your loved one understand available options.

Our specialists are experienced in the many options available to you and your loved one. We also partner with Elder Life to ensure you are provided with the absolute best solution for your needs.

Cost Comparison Sheet


Legal Planning
We are here to ensure your family is prepared for every scenario. In case of an emergency, below are some important documents to keep in mind:
  • Will & testament
  • Living trusts
  • Advance directives
  • Power of attorney
  • DNRs

Speaking to your parent or loved one about these sensitive materials is never easy, but we have tips on how to navigate the conversation. Reach out to a StoryPoint community and one of our Community Specialists can help you through the process.

Community Events and Activities

We know sometimes your loved one just wants to relax, and sometimes he or she may want to socialize or reignite a passion. Watching the game, playing cards, gardening, cooking, crocheting and everything in between, we tailor events and activities to touch each resident’s interests and hobbies. Take a look at some of the things happening at our communities.

View Events in Your Area

Whether your loved one still enjoys cooking, would rather be served or maybe a bit of both — we can accommodate. Our chefs are present every evening in the dining room and dietitians are available to ensure all dietary needs are met. We craft our own recipes and even recreate yours if you’d like! To ensure we are delivering meals you love, resident feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

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