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At Home Care Vs. Live In Communities

When deciding on an assistance program for your senior loved one, it may be hard to find a place to start. With so many choices available, navigating at-home care and live-in options can easily become a challenge. While both types of senior assistance have their benefits, it’s key that you find the right fit for your loved one’s needs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when researching at-home senior care versus live-in communities.  

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Can Your Loved One Maintain Living Alone?

This question is key for deciding which senior care option makes sense for your loved one. At-home caretakers often only visit a few hours a day, which works well for seniors who require minimal assistance. However, if your loved one is requiring around-the-clock care, at-home services can quickly become expensive. Live-in communities however offer 24/7 assistance at no additional cost, ensuring services are always available if needed.

Are The Right Services Offered?

An obvious concern when researching at-home care and live-in communities is the type of services available.

Live-in communities typically provide more comprehensive services when compared to their at-home counterparts. If your loved one requires assistance with many daily activities, this may be the best course of action.

What Are the Costs and What’s Included?

While researching various at-home care services and senior living communities, be sure to find out what services are included within monthly payments as well as what entails an extra charge. This is especially helpful should your loved one require more assistance in the future.

Navigate Your Options with StoryPoint

StoryPoint offers a variety of senior living services ranging form independent living all the way through memory care. Our in-house financial planning resources are available to help navigate the sometimes confusing landscape of senior care. Schedule a visit to your local StoryPoint community where our Community Specialists would be happy to discuss your options.


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