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How To Get Involved In A Senior Living Community

Any life change can be tricky — and moving to a senior living community is no exception.

While your loved one may feel uncomfortable at first, getting involved in the community’s daily activities and meeting fellow residents is helpful for navigating this new transition.

Here are four tips for successfully taking part in everything senior living has to offer.

Partake In Social Events

While this may seem obvious, encouraging your loved one to take a class that interests them or get involved in a volunteer initiative is one of the best ways for them to get to know their neighbors.

Many communities offer multiple daily activities, including off-site excursions. Participating in events that are of interest will not only make for an enjoyable living experience — they will expose your loved one to like-minded individuals.

Spend Downtime In Common Areas

It’s may be easy (and often more comfortable) for your senior loved one to spend downtime in their apartment. But having their morning coffee or evening reading session in the common area is another great way to get involved in the community and meet new people.

Other residents and staff will walk past and strike up conversation, helping your loved one become a familiar face around the community. Even connecting with passersby with a smile or a head nod can go a long way in helping feel connected.

Take An Interest In Others

It can be awkward for your loved one to put themselves out there, but asking other residents about themselves, their families and their hobbies can open the door for new friendships. Learning about neighbors can help identify common interests that can lead to meaningful relationships.

Be Patient

The first month or so after moving to a senior living community is often the most difficult. It’s important to remind mom or dad that making friends and understanding the culture of the community doesn’t happen overnight.

Remind your loved one to allow some time to adjust and remember to stay positive. Being a new resident only lasts so long — the community will become a familiar, comfortable place before they know it.

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