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Independence Village of Aurora Partners With Local School

Senior living communities have so many opportunities to connect with community partners, and they do so in very creative and innovative ways. Some choose to partner with medical organizations, while others might partner with local restaurants. There are endless ways that senior living communities can deepen connections with the surrounding communities.

Aurora High School Partnership

Independence Village Local School Partner

Independence Village of Aurora created a unique partnership that will enrich future generations. Our Life Enrichment Director reached out to Aurora High School to partner with them on a program they have created for students with special needs to gain work experience in the Aurora community.

Aurora High School has programming for several of their students with special needs to work at local businesses in Aurora, including Heinen’s Grocery Store, Miller Elementary School and of course, Independence Village of Aurora. The goal of the program is to teach these students a variety of skills, that are specifically geared toward preparing them for the job market.

Building Life Skills

Independence Village of Aurora has made a commitment to two individuals with special needs, with the intention of helping them foster and develop life and vocational skills outside of their classroom. They can do this by providing job training to the two students. The two of them work on different projects around the community. One student works in the community’s store, focusing on stocking and organizing. She also delivers in-house mail and helps in the library, restocking shelves and labeling books. The other student focuses on interviewing residents using video technology.

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Working with these two students really enriches the lives of the residents involved, as many of them come from teaching or nursing backgrounds and feel committed to the program and their success. Independence Village enjoys opportunities to create intergenerational partnerships because of the significant impact it has on multiple generations.

To learn more about this fantastic programming in the Aurora community, please visit: Programming in the Aurora Community


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