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Independent Living Costs Explained

When the time comes to start considering independent living, it’s important to factor in the monthly cost and what that includes. While the price may seem intimidating, independent living communities may offer more than you think. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the monthly cost of independent living.

Rent And Bills

Think about all the bills you pay in your current home. From a mortgage payment to utility bills, property taxes to insurance, maintenance to landscaping and more, you are responsible for covering the costs associated with being a homeowner.

In an independent living community, your monthly fee rolls all of these payments into one, making it easier for you to budget and taking away the stress and confusion of multiple payments.

Entertainment And Social Outings

One of the biggest benefits of living in an independent community is the abundance of social opportunities available. From off-site excursions and lectures featuring prominent experts to fitness classes, happy hours and more, the community is staffed with people dedicated to filling your social calendar with events designed with you in mind.

A La Carte Services

Many people choose independent living because it offers autonomy, yet the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits the community offers. Interested in adding weekly laundry service, for example? It’s as simple as adjusting your monthly bill to reflect this service.

Compare The Costs Of Senior Living

It’s often better to view the costs of caring for a home versus independent living in a senior community side by side. Independence Village makes visualizing these costs easy with our complete cost comparison guide. Download it here.


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