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Miracle Quilt Event At Independence Village Of Oxford

Our Miracle Quilts event was a lot of fun! Every year, a large gathering of dedicated and talented women come together at Independence Village to sew and create beautiful American quilts for our heroes. Scroll through the pictures below to see the fantastic results!

The members of the club had been working on their quilts for some time. In the end, there were dozens and dozens of unique and beautiful quilts. The quilts were all spread throughout the room for a great display where everyone’s work could be admired. Red, white and blue was a common theme to be seen along with the American flag.

Many residents, including our veterans, came to enjoy a hot breakfast with us and to look at all of the quilts. There was also a raffle held and a number of local organizations in attendance.

We support our veterans and enjoy showing our appreciation wherever we can. Miracle Quilt served for wonderful morning, and we can’t wait for next year’s event.

Give us a call if you are interested in joining our Miracle Quilts team as well as help give back to our troops!

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