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Moving Your Parents Into Senior Living

Change is difficult for everyone, especially for seniors who often have established routines. So, making the move from a home they have likely lived in for a long time can be a bit overwhelming. Senior living communities are evolving to provide a more seamless transition for their residents.

Families often wonder what the move-in process will be like, what resources are available and how their parents’ lives will be in their new home. When a married couple is moving in, families want to ensure that they can live together, in a shared apartment, so that it feels more like the home they left. See these tips below to help make the moving process a little easier.

Tip #1: Co-Existing In A New Home

When a couple moves into a senior living community, they at least have one familiar face in their new home. Having this familiarity can make the adjustment much more natural and likely more fun. It can also require a lot more coordinating and planning on the families end, to ensure each parent moves in with all their essentials. Creating a checklist with each parent can help to ensure that nothing important is forgotten in the move.

BONUS: Choosing a community that offers Assisted Living or Memory Care support can be beneficial when moving both parents into a senior living community so that they can “age in place.”

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Tip #3: Keep Your Parents’ Interests In Mind

Even though the two of them are making the move together, keep in mind that they are still going through a significant transition. They are used to the life they have built for themselves at their old home, and it will take time for them to build a new life together in their fresh space. Remember to be patient with them and work with them to create a home-like feeling in their new place.


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