Navigating The Cost Of Senior Living

August 27th, 2018

One of the main family concerns regarding senior living is understanding the cost and what it covers. Although every senior living community is different, there are core areas that are typically included in the overall cost. After determining the price of aging at home and comparing it to the monthly cost of a senior living community, many families are surprised to find senior living to be the more affordable choice. Here are a few things to consider when navigating the cost of senior living.

Reducing The Household Upkeep

PlumberHomeowners know how expensive it is to upkeep their homes. There are landscaping costs, maintenance costs, broken appliances that need to be replaced, property taxes, utilities and much more.

Many senior living communities will take care of these things, making the senior only responsible for their monthly rent and any additional services they have chosen or need. Not only does this simplify it for the senior, but it also can provide peace of mind to their family.

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Getting What You’re Paying For

Senior living communities provide experiences to their residents through their activity programming that would cost money to a senior who still lives at home.

Some activities can include:

  • trips to museums
  • ballets
  • farmers markets
  • live music and much more!

Not to mention the on-site amenities that residents of a senior living community can take advantage of, like a fitness center, library or crafting space.

outdoor dinnerThis can ultimately help seniors save money by reducing the amount of gas they use when getting from place to place or cutting back on monthly membership costs.

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Ask About Additional Services

Senior living communities exist to allow seniors to spend their time doing what they love and not have to worry about the details. This is accomplished by residents not having to pay a multitude of different bills each month for all the services they need. There is a comfort in knowing that you can decide which services you want and will only be billed for those that you choose.

Some communities offer a la carte services, which allow you or your loved one to customize the services that you’re paying for, while others may require packages that do not necessarily meet the needs of the resident.

When touring communities, be sure to ask which system they use for pricing amenities. Also after doing your research and speaking with a sales representative, be sure to ask questions about what is covered by rent and what other additional costs will likely come into play. They will likely be able to break down the cost with you so that you feel comfortable and confident.

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