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Paying Special Attention To The Last 5 Percent

Here at Independence Village, we know that 95 percent of what we do every day might be right and good, but we want to pay special attention to that last 5 percent of work that is easy to overlook. That being said, we are aiming to reserve a single day where we bring several of our staff members together and put on a “productivity blitz.” This work will be done in areas where we can get the greatest return for our efforts—places where we can really go that extra mile. We plan on doing two a month, and most will be a single day of work.

On May 26, at Avon Lake, we had 29 staff members from all the properties participate in the first 5% Blitz. The combined effort was 350 hours of work accomplished in just over a day: that is over 2 months of work!

The 5% Blitz is a fun way for staff members from all across the Independence Village senior communities to get to know one another and accomplish something together. We are glad the first one was such a success and we look forward to the next one.

Surpassing the expectations of our residents is something that brings us joy every day. Now with the 5% Blitz, we can further work towards this goal!

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