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Placing a Parent in Memory Care: When is the Right Time?

As the signs of memory loss begin to appear in your parent or loved one, you may be tempted to search for in-home care options. While care at home is possible for seniors experiencing dementia or alzheimer’s, it sometimes is not comprehensive enough to meet all his or her needs. Here are six signs that it may be time to move your parent into a memory care community.

1. Safety Concerns

The most obvious signs it may be time to place your parent into a memory care community are safety concerns. Some specific safety concerns often associated with memory loss include, but are not limited to:
  • A recent fall or injury
  • Forgetting to lock the doors and windows
  • Unsafe behavior while cooking or cleaning
  • Avoiding or forgetting to take medications

2. Sudden Changes in Appearance

Drastic changes in weight, mobility and overall physical appearance are often associated with advanced memory loss. For example, if your senior parent has lost an excessive amount of weight, he or she may be forgetting to eat.

3. Lack of Personal Hygiene

Similar to changes in appearance, neglecting personal hygiene can be a sign your loved one is forgetting or unable to care for himself or herself. This could mean that additional care is necessary.

4. Losing Track of Finances

Forgetting to pay a bill here and there is one thing, but an overall disregard for finances could potentially mean your parent is experiencing advanced memory loss. Check for piles of unmade payments, overdue bills or late taxes. These are often tell-tale signs your senior loved one has lost track of his or her finances.

5. Household Damage

For seniors experiencing memory loss, it is a lot more likely for him or her to forget to turn off the stove, leave faucets running or drop a still burning cigarette. While easily identified as dangerous, these mistakes may be simply seen as minor inconveniences by your parent. Look for water stains, mold or scorch marks as these can be indicators it’s time to move your parent into a memory care community.

6. Caregiver Burnout

An often overlooked sign that it’s time to move your parent into a memory care community is your wellbeing. Many adult children feel obligated to care for their mom or dad, no matter how stressful or draining it may become. Remember, you can’t carry the world on your shoulders and your needs matter too. You can’t care for your parent if you’re struggling to care for yourself.

Independence Village is Here to Help

We understand that it can be difficult realizing it may be time for your mom or dad to move into a memory care community. Our Community Specialists here at Independence Village would be more than happy to discuss our memory care options and answer any of your questions concerning dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders. Feel free to stop by with your parent for a visit of your local Independence Village community or give us a call at 1-844-40-ENJOY.


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