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Ready To Retire? Move To One Of The Happiest Cities in the U.S.: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Retirement is an exciting phase of life. Free from the commitments of work, most individuals use this time to rekindle old passions, take up new hobbies or simply relax with loved ones.

Why not enjoy your retirement in one of the happiest cities in the United States? Fort Wayne, Indiana was recently named the third happiest city in the country. From increased life expectancy to easy commuting and more, here’s why Fort Wayne should be your retirement destination. 

Longer Life Expectancy

Happiness not only improves life quality, but it can also increase life longevity. When people are happier, they tend to have stronger relationships and lead more active lives — all of which contribute to living longer.  

With planned social gatherings, a variety of communal spaces, fitness classes and more, retiring at StoryPoint Fort Wayne means you can spend your days enjoying the company of friends and doing activities that make you feel fulfilled. 

Greater Household Income

With an above-average household income in Fort Wayne, simply put, your dollars go further. Once you decide to retire, you may choose to downsize and move into a senior living community, for example. Selling your home is an opportunity to capitalize on your income and put it toward the maintenance-free lifestyle of a retirement community or spend it on things you enjoy like trying new restaurants, traveling, and more.

Shorter Commute Length

Let’s face it: No one enjoys sitting in traffic. With an average commute length of around 21 minutes, traveling around the Fort Wayne area is more accessible than other metropolitan areas. 

At StoryPoint Fort Wayne, we offer complimentary transportation services for our residents so they can explore the city and travel to and from appointments, shopping excursions and more without hassle.

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Experience Retirement In Fort Wayne, Indiana

There are many attractions in Fort Wayne, including 15 museums, three minor league sports teams, and over 360 churches.

If you’re thinking about settling down in Fort Wayne, consider StoryPoint as one of your top retirement destinations, and start enjoying the life of a retiree at its finest. Head over to our community page to learn more about StoryPoint Fort Wayne.


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