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What Is Active Senior Living?

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What Is Active Senior Living?

You’ve built a career. You’ve raised a family. Now, it’s time to put yourself first and truly live the retirement of your dreams.

Active senior living is designed for retirees who would prefer an active lifestyle with likeminded individuals, unique activities, amenities and more. This living option could also be the perfect fit for older adults who are looking for a private apartment without the pressures of home upkeep. 

Does that sound like you? Keep reading for more information on what is active senior living and to learn if an active senior apartment could be right for you.

Active Senior Living Communities Explained

Active senior living, sometimes called 55 plus living, is a newer housing option for older adults.

“What is different about these active adult communities is the programming,” writes Forbes. “They are more than just a place to live amongst people of similar age. They are designed with active living built into the plan.” 

It’s true! Active adult living offers more opportunities to try new things, get involved and experience life exactly as you want to. For seniors who are overwhelmed with the cost of owning a home or the ever-growing list of household chores, active adult apartments can also provide a maintenance-free lifestyle to enjoy retirement. 

While every community is different, many active adult senior living communities offer private apartments, condos or cottage-style homes. They can include large kitchens, open floor plans to entertain and multiple apartment styles to choose from. 

Other perks of an active adult community may include: 

  • Monthly neighborhood dinners and outings.
  • Private active adult community events. 
  • On-site services and amenities.
  • Discounted access to local restaurants, gyms, travel agents and more.

What Makes Active Senior Living Different?

Older adults have a variety of unique options to choose from when considering senior living. That’s great, but it can make it a little difficult to keep all of your options straight. 

You may be asking yourself, what makes active adult senior living different? How does it compare to other senior living options? 

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common senior living service options and how they compare to active adult living: 

Independent Living

Independent living communities provide private apartments, maintenance-free living and unique amenities and features to help residents discover their ideal retirement. This living option is the most similar to active adult living, but there are some key differences.

Independent living communities may offer amenities and features that active adult living communities do not, including health care services, dining packages, biweekly housekeeping and laundry services. Both communities typically offer lawn and community maintenance, unique activities calendars, inviting community spaces and more.  

Enhanced Living

For those who could benefit from personalized care but prefer an independent apartment setting, enhanced living can be a great option, too. This service is unique to StoryPoint Group communities, and it allows residents to only pay for the care they need, when they need it.  

Unlike active adult living, older adults who choose enhanced living will have the opportunity to add additional support services if they need it. For seniors who would benefit from additional support now or anticipate their care needs changing soon, this could be a great option. 

Assisted Living

Residents and their families choose assisted living for many different reasons. Maybe they’re searching for peace of mind that their loved one is cared for, or maybe they could benefit from 24-hour support, assistance with daily activities and more. 

Whatever their reason, seniors who choose assisted living receive full time support with assisted living. This isn’t the case for active adult living.

Memory Care

In a memory care neighborhood, specially trained employees, intentional programming and unique amenities are all designed to best support those experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments. 

This makes memory care a great option for seniors and their families who are in need of 24/7 support to help manage symptoms caused by memory impairments. This type of care is not offered in active adult living. 

Benefits Of Active Senior Living

There are many benefits for choosing an active senior living community. To name a few, active adult living communities offer older adults benefits like:

  • The chance to downsize: Sick of all that clutter? Active adult communities are a great opportunity to downsize without compromising on your space. Communities are often complete with private apartments, townhomes or cottages that offer modern finishings, full basements, attached garages, gourmet chef’s kitchens, enclosed porches and more. 


  • Unique activities calendar: By choosing an active adult community, you’ll find yourself with a variety of opportunities to choose from every day. From a weekly exercise class to an upcoming block party, a club meeting, a grandkid’s day and more, having a variety of activities to choose from and events to circle on the calendar gives older adults something to look forward to. 


  • Maintenance-free lifestyle: If mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow and other day-to-day responsibilities of home upkeep are becoming too much to manage, active adult living could be the solution. With a maintenance-free lifestyle, residents have to opportunity to spend their time experiencing life how they really want to. 


  • Freedom to travel: Extended vacations are often what older adults look forward to most out of their retirement. With an active adult community, residents have the freedom to pick up and go. Who will water the flowers? Who will mow the lawn? Who will keep an eye on our home while we’re away? Active adult communities have you covered.  


  • Opportunities to socialize: When you join an active adult community, fun and friends are a given because you’re surrounded by likeminded individuals who can’t wait to get to know you. And with a variety of activities on the calendar, inviting social spaces, community events and more, active adult communities are designed to help you make genuine connections. 

Is An Active Senior Living Community Right For You?

No matter what senior living option is best for you, StoryPoint Group is here to be your guide. 

If you’re considering active adult living or another senior living option, just give us a call at 1-844-275-9990. We’ll help discuss your options, provide more information and be with you every step of the way while you discover the community that’s right for you.

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