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Assisted Living Checklist: Helping Your Loved One Move

Assisted Living Checklist: Helping Your Loved One Move

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Assisted Living Checklist: Helping Your Loved One Move

Change can be challenging for anyone, and moving, in particular, can raise many questions for both you and your loved one. As you help your loved one move into an assisted living community, preparation is key to making the transition as hassle-free as possible.

Here are some guidelines to help determine what to pack as you help plan your loved one’s move.

Get The Big Stuff Out Of The Way

One of the first things to start packing for your loved one’s move is furniture. Some assisted living communities offer furnished living options, while other communities invite residents to bring a bed, dresser and other basic living furniture. Be sure to ask about the living options and what furniture your loved one should bring.

If the community is furnished, you can still plan to pack some of your loved one’s items, too. He or she will appreciate having a few reminders of home and comfort in their new living space.

Tip: When packing furniture, remember to avoid items that could be tripping hazards such as shaggy carpets. 

Household Essentials

After you’ve decided what furniture mom or dad will take when they move, it’s time to start planning what essentials to pack. Your loved ones should bring everyday home goods they will need throughout the year. 

Some basic household essentials to pack: 

  • Blankets, pillows and other bedding
  • Clothing, shoes, and slippers for every season
  • Toiletries, towels and more

Pack A Few Favorites

Help your parents choose a few of their favorite items from home to help them feel more comfortable in their new apartment. Board games, pictures and small knick-knacks are great items to pack. An added bonus? These types of items don’t take up much space.

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Items To Avoid Bringing

Just as crucial as knowing what to pack, it’s important to understand what to avoid. A few standard items you should avoid packing include:

  • Medications: Assisted living communities often regulate medications for their residents. Communities take care of medications so that your loved one can spend more time doing the things they love. Talk to your loved one’s community about how they manage medications.
  • Niche Items: To make the most out of their new home, avoid bringing things that don’t get used often. Things to consider donating, selling or putting in storage include single-use kitchenware or holiday decorations. Aim to decorate their space with useful, everyday items.

Thinking About Assisted Living? StoryPoint Can Help.

StoryPoint Group communities offer peace of mind that your loved one’s transition into senior living is as smooth as possible. Contact your local StoryPoint community, or call 1-855-40-STORY to learn more about assisted living.

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