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At-Home Caregivers: How To Make The Holidays Special

At-Home Caregivers: How To Make The Holidays Special

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At-Home Caregivers: How To Make The Holidays Special

The winter holidays are a wonderful time of the year. However, for at-home caregivers who are handling normal holiday to-do’s while also taking care of a loved one, it can often feel stressful. With family and friends coming to visit, it can be difficult to make your senior loved one feel special and included during this busy time of year. Here are some tips to help make the holidays special for a senior in your life.

Plan Group Activities

Your loved one probably won’t be out sledding with the kids, but he or she will enjoy participating in other family activities. Baking, watching movies and crafting together are great opportunities to get your loved one involved and help him or her make new memories with friends and family.

Provide Extra Support

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there’s a chance that your loved one may feel left out. To offset feelings of isolation and loneliness, providing extra support and company can do wonders. Keeping your loved one nearby while you prep a holiday meal, taking time to engage in a hobby together or even just engaging in conversation can help your loved one feel more included and engaged during the holiday season.

Find A Way For Your Loved One To Contribute

If you’re having family over this holiday season, it’s likely you’ll be busy. Between cooking, cleaning, decorating, shopping and other holiday tasks, it can be difficult to devote additional time to your senior loved one’s needs. You might be surprised that your loved one would take pride in helping you with these tasks. See if you can find ways for him or her to make a contribution. This is especially true for those who have hosted many family gatherings in the past.

Here are some things he or she may enjoy helping with:

  • Choosing and buying gifts
  • Writing cards
  • Christmas tree decorations
  • Holiday cooking tasks
  • Welcoming guests

Spread Your Tasks Around

You don’t have to put all of the holiday work on yourself. Get your family members involved and see if you can simplify things. Doing so will clear up more of your time, allowing you to pay more attention to your loved one as well as the rest of your family. In addition, getting everyone involved can bring your family closer together and make lasting memories.

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