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Gifts For Your Senior Parents This Holiday Season

Gifts For Your Senior Parents This Holiday Season

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Gifts For Your Senior Parents This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with friends, family, and for many, gifts. Finding the right gift for your parents can be difficult, especially if they seem to have everything they could need. Here are a few ideas for fun and enriching gifts you can give your senior parents this holiday season.

Puzzles And Coloring Books

Jigsaw puzzles and adult coloring books aren’t just fun — they’re also wonderful ways to help enrich a senior’s mind. Studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles help improve short-term memory, which helps our brains remember shapes and colors. These can be very beneficial if your parent is experiencing memory challenges.

Similarly, adult coloring books are known to help reduce stress and anxiety and help to improve focus and motor skills for hand-eye coordination.

Indoor Houseplants

Houseplants are great ways to enjoy greenery during the winter months, and can also provide health benefits for your parents. Studies have shown that indoor plants help with:

  • Reducing fatigue, sore throats and colds
  • Boosting a person’s mood and concentration
  • Absorbing toxins in the air, making it cleaner

Spider plants, snake plants, dragon trees, and Gerbera Daisies are some of the best indoor plants, and they grow well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Weighted and Warm Blankets

Cold weather can be harsh on a senior’s bones. Consider getting a warm, fleece blanket for your parents this holiday. Not only will it remind them of you, but it’ll help keep them warm at night.

If your parent struggles with stress or anxiety, a weighted blanket would also be a great gift. Many people who have weighted blankets find the pressure against their bodies relaxing and calming, reducing their stress and anxiety levels.

Custom Keepsake black and white photo album

If you’re struggling to find something to get mom and dad, consider making something special like a photo album or photo calendar. This allows you to put together an album of your favorite memories with them, and it shows how much you care.

Fun Activities With Your Senior Parent

After you’re done opening presents, make sure you plan to spend time together as a family. One way to get in the spirit is by baking some holiday cookies. Here are some of our StoryPoint residents’ favorite holiday cookie recipes — and they are delicious!

If you’re interested in seeing what our communities are like during the holidays, contact us for a visit. From all of us at StoryPoint Senior Living, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

StoryPoint Group

StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

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