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The Benefits Of Pets And Pet-Friendly Senior Living

The Benefits Of Pets And Pet-Friendly Senior Living

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The Benefits Of Pets And Pet-Friendly Senior Living

For many of us, including older adults, pets are more than just animals. They become cherished companions, sources of joy and members of our families. But, did you know that pets can also enhance the quality of life for seniors?

For seniors, the benefits of having pets extend far beyond companionship. Pets can improve their mental and emotional well-being, increase physical activity and elevate their social life, too.

At StoryPoint Group communities, residents are encouraged to bring their furry friends with them when they move in. Keep reading to meet some of the StoryPoint Group pets, and learn more about the benefits of pets for seniors.


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The Benefits Of Pets For Seniors

Here are a few of the benefits of owning a pet for seniors:

1. Companionship And Emotional Support

One of the greatest benefits of pets for seniors is the companionship and emotional support they provide. The bond between a senior and their pet can provide comfort during difficult times and bring joy to everyday life. Pets offer unconditional love, companionship and a sense of purpose, especially for seniors who may be living alone or experiencing feelings of loneliness.

2. Mental And Emotional Well-Being

Petting a dog or cat, playing with them or simply having them nearby can reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. The presence of a beloved pet can lift spirits, boost mood and create a sense of happiness and contentment.

3. Physical Health Benefits

Having a pet can also lead to improved physical health for seniors. Dogs, in particular, encourage regular exercise through daily walks or playtime. This physical activity is not only beneficial for the pet but also for the senior, helping to maintain mobility, cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

4. Social Interaction And Connection

Walking a dog can often lead to conversations with neighbors and fellow pet owners, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Pet-friendly senior living communities, like StoryPoint Group communities, often organize pet-related activities and events, further enhancing social interaction and creating opportunities for meaningful connections.

5. Sense Of Purpose And Routine

For seniors, especially those who may have retired or experienced major life changes, having a pet can provide a sense of purpose and routine. Caring for a pet involves daily tasks such as feeding, grooming and exercise, which can provide structure to the day and a sense of accomplishment. This sense of purpose can contribute to a positive outlook on life and increased overall well-being.

6. Reduced Feelings Of Isolation

Pets can alleviate feelings of isolation or loneliness by providing constant companionship and unconditional love. The presence of a pet can create a sense of companionship and connection, reducing feelings of loneliness and enhancing overall well-being.


Meet The Pets Of StoryPoint Group

At StoryPoint Group communities, residents are encouraged to bring their pets with them when they move in. And, with open-floor plan apartments, outdoor courtyards and walking trails, StoryPoint Group communities are pet-friendly and designed to welcome residents and pets like these!

collage of senior living resident with their dogs

Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day

On National Love Your Pet Day, we’re showering our furry residents with extra love and affection. From playful antics to comforting cuddles, our pets bring endless joy and companionship to our communities.

Across our communities, including Leisure Living, Independence Village and StoryPoint Group communities, we spent National Love Your Pet Day celebrating the love they bring into our lives every single day!


woman holding dog in her lap

Dreams Come True At StoryPoint Chesterfield

StoryPoint Chesterfield resident, Bill has owned Schnauzers his whole life, and has always been a devoted dog dad. He, his wife and their pup Joey traveled all over the United States in an RV. When Bill said he had been missing Joey and asked for some help finding the perfect pup, the StoryPoint Group team knew exactly what to do.

They found a Schnauzer breeder right near our community, and she had a 6-year-old show dog, Luke, who was in need of a perfect home to retire in, too! Where better to retire than at StoryPoint Chesterfield with Bill? Bill’s dream came true, and he and Luke were both so happy to find a new home.


Danbury Senior Living Resident petting dog in her lap

Danbury Pet Show

Danbury Millersburg hosted a few animals for a pet show. Storm showed off his tricks, including sit, shake, stay, down, spin, hops in boxes, up on chairs upon command and agility obstacle courses. Remy’s tricks were being a gopher, and Princess Max the cat was very talented at knocking cups off counters!

Residents and employees alike had so much fun petting, cuddling and watching their new friends. It’s amazing how much cuddles from a furry friend can brighten your mood.


Join Our StoryPoint Group Family

To learn more about life at our communities and how you and your pets can join the StoryPoint Group family, visit to get in touch with a community near you.

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