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“Where Community Matters,” StoryPoint Senior Living Romeoville

“Where Community Matters,” StoryPoint Senior Living Romeoville

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“Where Community Matters,” StoryPoint Senior Living Romeoville

What does the word “community” mean to you?

Just outside of Chicago there’s a city with the motto, “Where Community Matters.” In Romeoville, Illinois, residents discover what it really means to be a part of a community.

StoryPoint Romeoville is proud to uphold that motto for the seniors of Romeoville by creating a retirement destination where residents can receive the support they need, enjoy new experiences and find reasons to shine every day.

Keep reading for a closer look at the town of Romeoville and award-winning senior living in Romeoville at StoryPoint Romeoville.

Fall In Love With Romeoville

The village of Romeoville, Illinois is a part of Will County and can be found on the Des Plaines River. The proximity to the river meant that the city had a big role in history. In fact, Romeoville was a popular hub for fur traders in the 18th century. When the Illinois and Michigan canal later opened in Chicago, the project was even based right next door to Romeoville in Lockport.

This Chicago suburb is only a 26-mile drive into the city and conveniently located near Interstate 55 and Interstate 355. Though it’s easy to travel outside of town, there’s plenty to do without even leaving the city limits.

The Isle a la Cache Museum and Gaylord Building Historic Site are great places to visit for a closer look at the history surrounding the city. At the Beller Museum, you’ll find it’s devoted to the history of vintage and classic cars. If you’re thirsty after a busy day being a history-buff, Romeoville residents love Metal Monkey Brewing for a refreshing beverage.

For those who would rather spend the day outdoors, the O’Hara Woods Preserve and Centennial Trail may be more to your liking. Hickory Creek Preserve is also a favorite nature spot because of how accessible it is for area residents.

No matter where you spend your day, you’re sure to see more than a few smiling faces. In Romeoville, residents believe in being neighborly. They take care of their city, and they take care of the residents who live there, too. It’s true. In Romeoville, community matters!

StoryPoint Explores The Community

Residents at StoryPoint Romeoville know how important it is to be an active part of your community. They also know all the best spots that Romeoville has to offer!

Our community has a monthly activities calendar full of exciting events for residents to enjoy. Many of these events include day trips to some of Romeoville’s most notable attractions.

Here are a few places we visited recently:

Cruise Night Downtown Plainfield

Romeoville car night

StoryPoint Romeoville residents enjoying Cruise Night

Some come for the cars while others come for the motorcycles. Many of us aren’t ashamed to admit we come to Cruise Night in Downtown Plainfield to visit with the dogs!

The Illinois Aviation Museum

senior residents at plane aviation museum

StoryPoint Romeoville residents on a community trip to the aviation museum

We were lucky to have perfect weather when we traveled to the Illinois Aviation Museum. Our tour guide shared so much knowledge with us, and we all had such a fun time learning about aviation history.

Concert on the Hill at Bicentennial Park

Every Thursday evening, our residents look forward to Concerts on the Hill at Bicentennial Park. We’ll definitely miss these outdoor summer concerts when it starts to snow again.

Isle a la Cache County

One day when the weather wasn’t great, we headed to the Isle a la Cache County Forest Preserve to learn about turtles. There were smiles all around!

Senior Living In Romeoville

At StoryPoint Romeoville, we believe that it’s an honor to serve the seniors and families of Romeoville. With independent living, enhanced living, assisted living and memory care, our community offers a variety of senior living services that are just as unique as the residents we serve.

Here’s a closer look at the senior living services provided at StoryPoint Romeoville and how they can fit you or your loved one’s life:

Independent Living

You’ll find everything you need to discover your ideal retirement with independent living at StoryPoint Romeoville. From maintenance-free living to luxurious amenities and features, everything is designed so that you can spend each day exactly how you want to.

Enhanced Living

Enhanced living, a service unique to StoryPoint, allows seniors to enhance their independent living accommodations to also include curated, personalized support.

Through our preferred providers, you create the experience that best fits your lifestyle by adding support you need when you need it — all while benefiting from an otherwise independent, apartment-style setting.

Assisted Living

Residents and their families choose assisted living for many different reasons. Maybe they’re searching for peace of mind that their loved one is cared for, or maybe they could benefit from 24-hour support, assistance with daily activities and more. Whatever the reason, StoryPoint Romeoville is a great choice for assisted living in Romeoville.

The StoryPoint Difference

No matter what service option is right for you or your loved one, as soon as you enter the doors at StoryPoint Romeoville, you’re not only a part of our tight-knit community. You’re a part of our family!

a senior resident with a caregiver

A StoryPoint resident dining with a caregiver

Who takes their coffee black?

Who had a visit with their grandchildren yesterday, and how did it go?

StoryPoint employees take the time to get to know all residents’ and families’ stories. Why? Because we know that our residents’ unique experiences, perspectives and personalities are what make our community so great. Not only that, but we consider our residents to be like family, and it’s an honor to be considered a part of their families, too.

When we combine this thoughtful approach with our unique amenities and features, professional employees, personalized support services, and more, we’re able to provide the absolute best care. That’s what our residents deserve!

For More Than 40 Years

StoryPoint Group communities have been providing seniors with the absolute best care for more than 40 years. We believe that it’s an honor to serve the seniors and families of our communities, and we look forward to discovering what makes them shine every day.

To learn more about life and the community at StoryPoint Romeoville, call and schedule a tour to come see us today.

StoryPoint Group

StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

Leaders in Senior Living Services

For more than 40 years, we have been committed to providing our senior living residents with a sense of community and the absolute best experiences they deserve.

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