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Social Media Superstars! Senior Living Residents Go Viral.

Social Media Superstars! Senior Living Residents Go Viral.

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Social Media Superstars! Senior Living Residents Go Viral.

Every day, StoryPoint Group employees across the country are looking for new and exciting ways to make residents smile. We host fun events and invite musical guests to put on live performances. We plan game nights, go on local outings and host big parties. If you can believe it, we’ve even had employees get matching tattoos with a resident!

In our opinion, if it makes a residents’ day, we’re going to make it happen.

One of the latest ways our Life Enrichment Directors have been enriching residents’ lives is through an avenue you might not expect — social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok, social media has turned out to be an excellent tool for residents and employees to be creative, connect with residents’ families and have some fun.

It turns out people all over the world enjoy seeing what our residents and employees are up to because we’ve even had a few posts go viral! Here’s a look at some of the viral videos, popular posts and smiles we’ve shared on social media.


TikTok Sparks Good Feature

When these seniors moved into Independence Village of Waukee, they never would have guessed that it would lead to them being international social media stars! It all started with a few videos, including residents at a bachelorette party with a newly engaged employee, participating in the latest TikTok trends and pulling a few pranks on April Fool’s Day.

Well, those and other videos caught the eye of TikTok. The company asked if they could come out to Waukee, interview residents and employees, and film a commercial with us as a part of their TikTok Sparks Good initiative. Through this initiative, TikTok featured creators who are sparking good around the world, as well as creating a lasting positive impact on local and global communities. We were honored to be included!

In the commercial, residents and employees agreed that making videos was only part of the fun. The real impact came through spending time together, trying something new and sharing laughs along the way.

“I mean, we’re the ones being entertained, really,” one resident shared with TikTok about her experience making videos.

Click here to see our full TikTok Sparks Good Feature.


Game Show Network Premiere

At StoryPoint Saline, the team held a premiere party for the Game Show Network’s new show, Switch, with the host himself, Jeff Hephner!

Our residents dressed their best for this red-carpet evening which was full of champagne, wine, desserts and popcorn. Together we watched an episode of Switch, while Jeff gave us the inside scoop of hosting a game show during the commercial breaks.

The team had some fun making a video of the event, and afterwards, the Game Show Network even posted about the event on their official Instagram page. Without social media, we may have never connected with the Game Show Network, and this event may have never happened. Not only was it a blast, but sharing the experience with followers across the world made it that much more exciting.

@storypointseniorliving How’d we do Riri?! @rihanna #fyp #storypointchesterfield #seniorliving #shineeveryday #fypシ ♬ original sound – Hemraj

Super Bowl Halftime Show

After residents and employees at StoryPoint Chesterfield saw Rhianna’s 2023 halftime show, they were inspired. The team helped residents learn an accessible version of the artist’s performance, and after a lot of practice, they were ready to film their dance. Residents got together to do their hair and makeup, and they even got dressed up in outfits that matched what the dancers wore in the performance.

The video showcasing residents’ take on the halftime performance was viewed by nearly 4 million people, and Rhianna’s official clothing brand even commented asking for an invite to join in on the fun.

Fenty and StoryPoint comments on TikTok

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we…,” turned into “Look at what we did!” because of social media. By making a video, putting together costumes, creating a set and more, the idea to recreate the halftime show became a reality. Residents and employees laughed the whole way through, and users all over the world commented that they loved it too.


The Real Impact For Residents

While it’s fun to see yourself on TV and it’s cool for your videos to get millions of views, that’s not why we do what we do! Creating videos and making posts for social media are just a few of the many ways StoryPoint Group employees enrich residents’ lives.

TikTok comment screenshot

“It’s been fun for us, and we enjoy it,” one resident shared. “They make sure we have great fun here!”

Social media is a great opportunity to connect with the younger generation, try something new and be a little silly. Friends, family and even strangers share how impactful it is to see seniors having fun and living life to the fullest. It’s a reminder that age is just a number, and there’s always something to look forward to.

We Can’t Wait To Meet You!

At StoryPoint Group communities across the country, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to help residents shine every day. Whether that’s through social media or another life enrichment initiative, we’re all about sharing experiences together.

To learn more, just click here to find the community nearest you, or follow us on TikTok @IVSeniorLiving, @StoryPointSeniorLiving and @LeisureLivingSeniorCommunities.

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