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Stonegate Village Supports Seniors In Sandusky, MI

Stonegate Village Supports Seniors In Sandusky, MI

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Stonegate Village Supports Seniors In Sandusky, MI

Welcome to Stonegate Village!

We’re a community that’s dedicated to providing the absolute best experience for seniors in Sandusky, Michigan, who are searching for assisted living and memory care options.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about Stonegate Village and you’re sure to see that our community is more than just a place to live, we’re a family. 

Hitting The Town

At Stonegate Village, we offer a variety of sought-after amenities and features right at our community for residents to enjoy. We host events, exercise classes, resident-led clubs and social gatherings. 

And we don’t stop there. 

Stonegate Village residents and employees take every chance they can to get involved and experience the surrounding area of Sandusky. 

Out of all of the places we’ve visited, here are a few of our residents’ favorite spots in Sandusky and a bit about our time there.

Loop-Harrison Mansion at Sanilac County Historic Village And Museum

The Loop Mansion was built in the early 1870s. The Mansion took three years to build. In the early 1870s, Dr. Joseph Loop, Port Sanilac’s original horse-and-buggy physician, decided he was going to build a house that would impress his wife’s family and blow everyone else in town out of the water. The Loop-Harrison mansion was the result. Now it is part of the Sanilac County Historic Village and Museum.

Residents put on their fanciest hats and took a trip to the Mansion at the Museum in Port Sanilac for an autumn tea party. They sampled a variety of delectable foods, sipped on some famous British tea and enjoyed getting to know their wonderful servers.

It was a glorious afternoon, and one our residents will be talking about for a long time! 

Sanilac County Humane Society Dog Adoption

The Sanilac County Humane Society’s mission is to provide shelter, medical care and find new homes for homeless pets. The humane society provides community outreach programs, as well as reduces the number of unwanted litters through our spay/neuter programs.

Our resident, Chris, adopted a special pal from the Sanilac County Humane Society. This little 10-year-old dog was struggling with many health issues, the worst being left-sided tracheal paralysis. And to top it all off? Rocket is blind. 

But Chris looked past the health struggles and saw a pup that needed some love. She knew just the place where he would get all the love and support he deserves: Stonegate Village!

Rocket is now the most beloved buddy ever! Residents watch for him coming, stopping in the hallways to give him a little scratch behind the ears. Rocket is a certified service dog, and he does a wonderful job meeting the emotional needs of our residents, too.

Port Sanilac

Port Sanilac, nestled on Lake Huron’s blue water shoreline, is one of Michigan’s greatest treasures. There’s a historic waterfront village with scenic beaches, famous shipwrecks and a modern harbor facility. And it’s a great place for fishing!

Residents took a fishing trip to Port Sanilac. Not only did we have a beautiful day with clear skies and biting fish, but our residents loved sharing old fishing stories and getting to know one another better.  We’ll be back again to catch the big fish that got away.

Sugar Town Sweets

SugarTown Sweets Shop is a bakery located only three minutes away from Stonegate Village. They have cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cake pops, pies, cheesecakes and more. And our residents have tried them all.

At our Christmas celebration, residents were swept up in a magical Christmas wonderland, as they dined on grilled-to-perfection filet mignon, enjoyed beautiful music performed by Ourselves Irish, and sampled elegant, homemade cakes by our favorite, Sugartown Sweets.

Life At Stonegate Village

Whether we’re planning a resident outing somewhere in Sandusky or getting cozy for an event or activity right here at home, Stonegate Village residents have no shortage of experiences that make them shine. 

These little moments — like taking seconds of their favorite meal in the restaurant-style dining room, laughing over a game of chess with a new friend, or peacefully watching the birds in our community garden — become the everyday for Stonegate Village residents. 

And for our employees, creating moments like these and putting a smile on residents’ faces is what their work is all about. 

Sure, we offer personalized, professional care, but when employees get to know the residents they’re serving, that’s when we can provide the absolute best experience. 

What’s Best For Your Loved One?

Stonegate Village offers assisted living and memory care for seniors in Sandusky. Which service is right for your loved one? 

Here’s a closer look at both living options: 

Assisted Living

Residents and their families choose assisted living for many different reasons. Maybe they’re searching for peace of mind that their loved one is cared for, or maybe they could benefit from 24-hour support, assistance with daily activities and more. 

Whatever the reason, assisted living at Stonegate Village is specially designed to provide any care residents need, when and how they need it.   

Memory Care

Every piece of our memory care neighborhood is designed to best support those experiencing dementia, Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments. Our specially trained employees utilize intentional programming and unique amenities and features to provide the absolute best care for our residents. 

 A StoryPoint Group Community

Stonegate Village is proud to be a part of the StoryPoint Group family, a collection of senior living communities serving thousands of seniors and families across the United States.

Every StoryPoint Group community has the same mission: provide seniors and families with the absolute best experience. That starts by getting to know you and your family — how your loved one enjoys spending their day, their hobbies and interests, and what you’re looking to find in a senior living community.

Because once we know you and your loved one, we can use our over 40 years of experience to provide the absolute best experience. 

Stop by Stonegate Village today to learn more about StoryPoint Group and how our communities can support you and your loved one. 

StoryPoint Group

StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

Leaders in Senior Living Services

For more than 40 years, we have been committed to providing our senior living residents with a sense of community and the absolute best experiences they deserve.

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