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Check Us Out! StoryPoint Group Residents Share Their Hobbies

Check Us Out! StoryPoint Group Residents Share Their Hobbies

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Check Us Out! StoryPoint Group Residents Share Their Hobbies

Having a hobby that you enjoy can provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment and joy, helping to prevent feelings of isolation and boredom. For seniors, partaking in a hobby can even have significant benefits for their overall well-being and quality of life, too.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hobbies for seniors and to see some of the activities StoryPoint Group residents enjoy.


The Importance Of Hobbies For Seniors

Hobbies can contribute to the physical and mental health of seniors. Whether it’s gardening, painting, reading or many other activities, hobbies encourage movement, mental sharpness and social interaction. Regular physical activity associated with certain hobbies can enhance mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Activities like puzzles or brain games can help seniors maintain cognitive function and improve memory skills.

Hobbies can also provide an opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Joining clubs or groups related to their interests allows seniors to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering friendships and a sense of community.


Celebrating StoryPoint Group Residents And Their Hobbies

Every day, StoryPoint Group communities celebrate, encourage and showcase residents’ hobbies. But for National Hobby Month, we also featured them across our social media pages!

Here’s a look at some of the talented StoryPoint Group residents and their hobbies.


Meet Heritage Hill resident, Don, a true floral virtuoso who has been crafting stunning arrangements for over 70 years. His passion for flowers blossoms in every petal.


Meet Donna, a talented StoryPoint Saline resident who brings vibrant colors to life through paint by numbers.


StoryPoint Group resident with painted bags

At 100 years old, Thelma dedicates herself to spreading joy through volunteering with Compassion Delivered, decorating unique paper bags for their mission of providing free, healthy meals to those with life-threatening illnesses. Her signature touch, “Thelma 100,” reflects her creativity and love for giving back by crafting one-of-a-kind delivery masterpieces that bring smiles to recipients. Her vibrant spirit, expressed through various hobbies, makes Thelma a beacon of positivity at Danbury North Canton.


Check out this interview with Bonnie, our amazing Arbor Grove resident whose passion for crocheting knows no bounds. Her giving heart has touched the lives of many as she has crafted and given away hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful crocheted items. From cozy blankets to intricate walker baskets for fellow residents and more, Bonnie’s selfless spirit shines through every stitch.


Mostly self-taught, Evelyn began quilting more extensively after retiring with her husband. Her meticulous approach involves hand-cutting every piece of fabric, creating unique and cherished works of art. Her participation in local events like the Stark County Library Senior Craft Show and a Quilt Show at Danbury Massillon are noteworthy. Her quilts have garnered admiration from residents and the local community. Evelyn estimates that she has crafted over 20 quilts since moving to Danbury Massillon.


Here’s Independence Village of Waukee resident Marilyn, a former art teacher from Naples whose apartment is a living canvas. It’s a true gallery of her life’s work!


StoryPoint Group resident showing off lego sets

Joan, our talented StoryPoint Pickerington resident, enjoys creating things, including Lego sets.

“I work on projects in my community where I try to spark people’s interest in my hobby,”Joan shared. “All this month and next I am meeting with anyone interested in the community room on Tuesdays, and we are working on a 1,000-piece Lego project.”


StoryPoint Group Resident woodworking projects

John is a talented woodworker and has been a resident at Danbury Hudson since 2019. For the past 22 years, he’s made several family heirloom pieces for members of his family. He enjoys the fact that he can be creative and original. John tutored his neighbor in his newfound skills and has found a fellow woodworker in our Administrative Assistant, Denise. They’re often chatting about how to tackle new projects and how to solve a problem when it occurs.

John’s words of advice: “Do not start out without help. It can be a dangerous hobby!”


Meet Barb, our incredible 95-year-old StoryPoint Fort Wayne North resident from New Orleans. She has a passion for porcelain painting!


Here’s our talented StoryPoint Union resident, Pat, as she shares her inspiring journey into the world of crafting.


This is Diane, from Grandhaven, a StoryPoint Group community in Lansing, Michigan. Her passions are knitting and crocheting.


Shine. Everyday.

At StoryPoint Group communities across the country, we believe that what makes our residents unique is what makes our communities great. By celebrating their talents, passions and hobbies, our residents shine every day!

To learn more about the StoryPoint Group community nearest you, visit for a list of our communities.

StoryPoint Group

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