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Take My Advice! From Mequon Residents

Take My Advice! From Mequon Residents

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Take My Advice! From Mequon Residents

When you need advice, who do you turn to?

At StoryPoint Mequon, we know that no one has quite as much wisdom as our residents do. They’ve all lived unique lives, and along the way, they’ve collected stories, learned lessons and gathered some pretty great advice to share.

Here are a few wise words from our StoryPoint Mequon residents and some tips on how to incorporate their advice into your life with activities to do around Mequon, Wisconsin:

“Never Stop Adventuring”

Whether you’re exploring the city you live in or taking a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, adventuring is so important. Even exploring a new hobby is an adventure in its own way! Adventures and new experiences help to add excitement to everyday life and provide something to look forward to.

At StoryPoint Mequon, we’re always searching for our next adventure — big and small.

Shalom Wild Life Park trip

Our residents took a walk on the wild side at the Shalom Wild Life Park, and even got to feed the animals!

Recently we took a trip to the Shalom Wild Life Park. Our residents and staff had a blast riding the golf carts while learning about the property and wildlife. We even had the chance to feed all the different types of animals while enjoying everything nature has to offer. And, seeing a grizzly bear that close up, that was definitely an adventure!

If you’re looking for more adventures near our community in Mequon, Wisconsin, we’d suggest exploring the vendors at the Mequon Public Market. Order seafood you swore you’d never try at St. Paul Fish Company or pamper yourself with a spa day at the Neroli Salon and Spa. Adventures are there to be found all around you!

“Stay Young And Be True To Yourself”

Aging is a natural part of life. Everyone, every day, is getting older, so what can you do to “stay young?”

For us at StoryPoint Mequon, we think the key to staying young is finding experiences that make you shine. Being silly is something to be celebrated because that’s where we find the biggest belly laughs, the brightest smiles and when we can be our truest selves.

At our community, we’re always encouraging our residents to keep a youthful mindset. Somedays that means hosting a carnival with a magician, cotton candy, dunk takes and more. Other times, it’s holding our own state fair with themed days, games like bean bag toss and more.

A senior woman at a dunk tank

A Mequon resident is about to hit the target and sink one of our staff members in the dunk tank during carnival night!

If you’re looking for something fun to do near Mequon, Wisconsin, consider spending a day out in nature at the Mequon Nature Preserve. There you can hike, bike, bird watch and explore the great outdoors like you would when you were a little kid.

“Love Brings Peace, And We Need More Of It”

What’s the most important thing in the whole world? Love!

Whether it’s throwing elaborate birthday celebrations, offering a helping hand when someone needs it or simply greeting neighbors with a smile, we show love in a lot of ways. At StoryPoint Mequon, we consider our residents to be like family, and it’s an honor to be considered a part of their families, too.

When our residents’ families all get together, like when we celebrate grandparents day with a big brunch, it warms our hearts to see the smiling faces of our residents when they see their loved ones.

If you’re looking for more ways to spread love (and bring peace to the community!), consider one of these volunteer opportunities in Mequon, Wisconsin.

“Get As Much Education As You Can And Work Hard”

Education isn’t confined to a classroom! Learning a new skill, solving a problem or finding a new hobby are activities that all help to keep your brain sharp, especially for seniors.

Through events and activities, residents at StoryPoint Mequon are often learning something new. On time, we had a wine tasting at our community where residents learned how to tell the difference between the notes and flavors of the wines.

Looking for another way to sharpen your skills? Stop by Barthel Fruit Farm to learn about how they run their farm or learn about the history of downtown Milwaukee with a guided tour.

Words From Our Residents

Seniors giving advice

Our residents sharing their best advice with the world!

“Set your life goals early,” “stop and think about your actions,“ “don’t fall down and stay down. Always get back up!”

When we asked our residents what advice they’d have for the younger generation, they shared all these great words and more. We’re honored whenever residents choose to share their advice and their stories with us. When they talk, we listen closely!

At StoryPoint Mequon, we offer a full continuum of services, with independent living, enhanced living, assisted living and memory care.

To learn more about our community, and to stop in and get to know some of our wise residents themselves, give us a call today.

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StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

Leaders in Senior Living Services

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