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6 Tips for Talking to Your Loved One About Senior Living

6 Tips for Talking to Your Loved One About Senior Living

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6 Tips for Talking to Your Loved One About Senior Living

As our parents begin to age, we may experience growing concerns about them staying at home.  While you might know it’s time to make the move into a senior living community, it can be difficult to start the conversation. 

Here are a few tips for talking to your loved ones about senior living.

Tip 1: Do Your Research

Before bringing up senior living with mom and dad, do your research. Look into the different living options, local communities and all of the benefits senior living can offer. This way, if your loved one voices a concern or has a question, you can readily supply a well-educated response.

Tip 2: Watch Your Tone

Make sure you’re conveying a message of love and concern when discussing senior living with your loved one. When talking, focus on your growing concerns and the reasons for encouraging the move. This is also a great time to discuss the benefits of moving into a senior community, such as the different activities they may be unable to do in their current home.

Tip 3: Listen

It’s as simple as that. Once you’ve had the opportunity to discuss your concerns, give your parents the opportunity to discuss theirs. They may feel uneasy about a move for a variety of reasons, so it is important that they have time to say their piece.  

Here is a testimonial from one of our current residents at Independence Village:

“The first aspect that Bill* brought to our attention was the importance of “having a real, shared conversation.” When his wife Mary had fallen in their condo several times, his children made it clear to him that they wanted to either move their parents into senior living or hire in-home care. It is nice to discuss these two options at the beginning and see which makes both parties feel the most comfortable.”

*In order to respect this resident and his family’s privacy, we have changed their names in this piece.

Tip 4: Ask For Assistance

Enlist other family members and friends to join you as you talk about senior living. Having numerous people voicing their concerns could help convince your loved one that the move is necessary. 

However: Be cautious about the number of people you bring with you. You should avoid bombarding your parents with a large group of people.

Tip 5: Understand It Takes Time

Don’t try to rush your loved one into an answer. Deciding to move into a senior living community is a big decision, so allow plenty of time for your parents to think it over before making a choice.

Tip 6: Plan Visits

If your loved one is on the fence about moving into senior living, schedule tours to a few local communities. This way they can see exactly what senior living communities are like, what they have to offer and other amenities that are included. 

At Independence Village, guests can take a free lunch or dinner tour to get a feel for the community, partake in a dining experience and more.

Independence Village Is Happy to Help

All of us here at Independence Village would be more than happy to meet with you and your parents to discuss senior living. Our communities offer a variety of senior living services ranging from independent living to memory care. Schedule a tour with us today for more information.

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