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The Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Senior Living

The Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Senior Living

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The Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Senior Living

Life is always better with a good friend or two — and that doesn’t just include human friends. Companion animals such as cats or dogs bring joy to our lives and can also provide many additional benefits, especially for seniors.

Pets offer wonderful companionship and encourage us to be more active. Whether engaging your cat with one of their favorite toys or taking your dog for a walk, pets keep us moving and can even help improve mobility.

At other times, a pet offers soothing comfort, serves as a companion to talk to and even provides a much needed laugh. And what about a snuggle from your furry friend? It’s been found that just petting a cat or dog can lower blood pressure and increase the natural “feel good” endorphins in the body that make us feel relaxed and happy. 

As a senior, whether you own a pet now or plan to adopt one in the future, rest assured that there are living options out there which will allow you to bring your beloved companion with you. Like the perks of pet ownership, pet-friendly senior living communities provide their own benefits as well, some of which include:

A Helpful Way To Make New Friends

Pet-friendly communities provide residents with an added way to meet neighbors and make new friends. For example, if you’re planning to bring a dog with you, you could form a dog walking group with some of your fellow dog-owning residents. 

Pets also give us easy opportunities to strike up conversations with one another. Ask your neighbor what their pet’s name is, or what their favorite treats are. You’ll find that your furry friend can be a great asset when it comes to helping you make more human friends in your senior living community.

senior living residents having tea with a dog

A Community That Cares For Your Pet As Much As You Do 

All of our Independence Village communities are pet-friendly — both residents and their companions are welcome to participate in activities, take strolls through our courtyards and more. We also offer pet care services for residents who wish to opt for support with their furry friends.

A Chance To Truly Enjoy Your New Surroundings

You want to get the most out of your new senior living community, and a pet is a great way to do this. A dog makes for an excellent walking companion with which to explore the beautiful outdoor spaces around your new home. A pet is also a great way to enjoy your indoors surroundings. Snuggle together in your apartment or cozy up to a common room fireplace — most cats and dogs love nothing more than to be by your side sharing the moment with you.

StoryPoint resident walking her dog with employees

Join A Community That Welcomes You And Your Pet

You know that feeling of walking in the door and having your beloved pet happily waiting to greet you with a wag of a tail or a sweet “meow.” At Independence Village, we want our residents to have the opportunity to experience this feeling if they choose. In our community, home means having your pet best friend with you. 

For more information about our pet-friendly senior living communities, please contact us at 1-844-403-6569.

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