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Senior Living Communities Vs. In-Home Care

Deciding between senior living communities or hiring an in-home caregiver can be a tricky decision for seniors and their families. While the idea of at-home care may seem appealing, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both options prior to making a decision. Consider the following elements when looking for a senior care solution.

Thorough Background Checks

Drug testing and background checks aren’t always required for in-home care providers, especially if hiring on your own rather than through an agency. Regulations on at-home providers are often looser than senior living communities. This gives senior living communities a naturally stricter vetting process, aimed at determining if caregivers are dependable enough to provide reliable care.

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Specialized, High-Quality Care

While the idea of at-home care can be attractive because you or your loved one never has to leave home, it also means caregivers won’t always be near, with visits typically lasting a few hours a day. At senior living communities, caregivers are available around the clock, ensuring someone is always available if your loved one should require assistance.

Limited Choices for Home Healthcare

When a doctor suggests that you or your loved one needs home healthcare, you’re very limited. Insurance agencies often only have a few or sometimes one provider for in-home care. For instance, most managed health care plans that offer home healthcare are contracted through a specific provider. Senior living communities are plentiful. Researching online is a great way to find out which communities provide the best care.

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Socialization Benefits

Studies have shown that frequent socialization can improve seniors’ overall health and well-being. With at-home care, your loved one will be limited to social interactions that take place directly in the home. However, at senior living communities, your loved one will be surrounded by peers, giving him or her the opportunities to make new friends and relationships. Senior living communities also offer an array of activities and events to help keep your loved one motivated, active and having fun.

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