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Senior Living Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Your Loved One

As your parent or loved one ages, there may come a time when you will need to care for him or her. While caring for your senior loved one may seem straightforward, it often requires quite a bit of planning. Here are a few recommended steps you should follow.

Be Prepared, Make a Plan

Before anything else, you should sit down with your loved one and make a plan. This can help you determine the types of services and amenities your senior is interested in, and those he or she wants to avoid. A few topics to discuss may include:
    • Learn what your loved one does and doesn’t want you to do in his or her care routine
    • Compile full medical history, including doctors, health insurance, medications and more
    • Make sure all of the legal duties are in order, such as a will and testament and power of attorney
  • Most importantly, confirm that your senior feels comfortable with all changes he or she is experiencing

Make Sure Your Senior is Safe When You’re Away

Normal tasks that are simple for you, may be more difficult for your loved one. Know about any special precautions you may need to take to ensure your senior is safe. If you won’t be around all the time, make sure they can always contact you. A few precautions could include:
    • Installing handrails in bathrooms
    • Placing slip-proof mats in baths and showers
  • Ensuring adequate lighting and more.

Take a Deep Breath

Caring for a senior can be hard on you. If you get burnt out or stressed, you won’t be able to help yourself, let alone your loved one. Find something fun that you and your loved one can do together to help relieve stress. Whether it’s making dinner or watching a movie, do something that gets you both out of a caregiving mode.

StoryPoint is Here to Help

While caring for your senior loved one at home is possible, it can often become overwhelming. Here at StoryPoint, we offer a variety of senior living levels, including diverse services and amenities, designed to promote the utmost health and happiness among our residents. Schedule a visit to your local community or call us at 1-855-40-STORY for more information.


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