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StoryPoint Saline Resident Receives Ride of A Lifetime

StoryPoint Saline Resident Receives Ride of A Lifetime

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StoryPoint Saline Resident Receives Ride of A Lifetime

Here at StoryPoint, we strive every single day to make each moment something special for our residents and staff alike. Whether it’s good food, friendly conversation or an exciting excursion, we do everything we can to make our residents happy. Over at StoryPoint Saline, we took this to heart by making the dreams of resident George Lusko come true.

Dreams Come True at StoryPoint Saline

During a recent visit to Ypsilanti’s Yankee Air Museum as part of our Life Enrichment Program, 99-year-old George Lusko, a former Staff Sergeant in WW2 and resident at StoryPoint Saline, pointed out a B-25 Mitchell Bomber that saw combat in France. Upon seeing the aircraft, George mentioned that, despite being a pilot much of his life, it had always been his dream to go up in a plane just like that.

The leadership at StoryPoint Saline decided to take action and make that dream come true. By accepting donations through a Dream Big Fund, George was able to take flight in one of the only two dozen B-25s still able to fly!

Check out some local news coverage of the event, here:

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99-Year-Old WWII Veteran Gets Award Gets Award, Ride in B-25 Bomber at Yankee Air Museum

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