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Three Strategies For Reluctant Aging Parents

It can be difficult to admit when we need help, especially as we age. While many seniors are active, healthy and are fully capable of living on their own, some may need a little more assistance. However, they may be resistant to the idea of moving into a senior living community. If you are worried that your loved one isn’t getting the support they need at home, here are some helpful strategies for a parent who refuses care.

1. Engage In A Shared Conversation

Most commonly, they have spent their lives taking care of you, which can make it difficult when roles are reversed. Open the conversation of senior living up to your parent so that he or she feels included in this process. Remember to remain kind and understanding throughout each conversation. It can be helpful to ask questions about feelings and desired outcomes.

2. Look Into Support Groups

Talking with social workers, doctors and other families can be extremely helpful both before and after having the conversation with your parent. Support groups offer an outlet for you to both learn more about what to expect and how to better assist your parent in transitioning his or her outlook on senior living.

3. Take A Positive Approach

Seniors tend to love their independence and fear that by moving into a senior living community, they could jeopardize that freedom. By giving your parent lots of options and discussing many different offerings senior living communities provide, this can make them feel more in control. Allowing seniors to express their preferences will give them a more positive experience overall and may nudge their consideration.

Ultimately, some seniors will be reluctant about senior living. If families can clearly display to their loved one all of the perks of senior living, the barrier to consideration will slowly fade. Touring a couple communities in the area where your parent wants to live also helps. On these visits, encourage your parent to talk to a few people that live there about their experiences. Just remember that this process can be scary and overwhelming, so remaining understanding is key.


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