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What To Expect Celebrating The Holidays At A Senior Living Community

Holiday celebrations often become family traditions, with the same activities and get-togethers occurring each year. Moving into a senior living community may alter these traditions, leaving residents and family members curious about how this year’s celebrations will occur. If you or your family member are new to a senior living community, here’s what you can expect this holiday season.

Seasonal Activities

Many senior living communities go all out for seasonal celebrations. This includes holiday-specific activities for residents and family members alike. Seasonal activities may include:

  • Holiday movie viewings
  • Community decorating
  • Holiday crafts, such as ornament making

Community Celebrations

Live music and entertainment are commonplace among many senior living communities. To get into the holiday spirit, some communities may welcome carolers or live music to perform holiday favorites for residents. These celebrations are available for all residents and family members to enjoy!

Holiday Favorites

For many families, food is often a center point for holiday celebrations, and senior living communities are no different! Around the holidays, many senior living communities will alter their regular menus to include holiday-specific meal options. This could include roast dinners, new dessert options or, in some cases, even residents’ family favorites!

Holiday celebrations hold a special place in the hearts of many. While moving into a senior living community may change how holidays are celebrated, they offer a unique opportunity to create new traditions with friends and families.


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