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Experience The Best Of Senior Living In Fort Wayne

Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Fort Wayne is a city that beautifully blends rich history, vibrant culture and a strong sense of community. For those seeking senior living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, StoryPoint Fort Wayne North offers a welcoming haven that feels like home. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best in senior…
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Memory Care Vs Nursing Home: Which Is Right For Your Loved One?

Sometimes, our aging parents may experience memory loss or memory-related conditions due to the natural effects of aging. We understand this can be a difficult time for you and your family. If a senior in your life is dealing with memory loss or memory-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, it’s essential to choose…
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Serving Seniors At Independence Village Of Ankeny, Iowa

Independence Village of Ankeny is more than just a senior living community in Ankeny, Iowa. It’s a welcoming community where seniors find the perfect blend of care, companionship and engaging activities. We offer assisted living and memory care options, and our team goes beyond meeting everyday needs to provide our residents with a vibrant lifestyle.…
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Discover Senior Living In Swartz Creek, Michigan

Swartz Creek is a charming city just outside Flint in Genesee County, Michigan. For seniors and families searching for senior living in the Swartz Creek area, Springvale is here to support them. At Springvale, our community is honored to serve local seniors and families by offering assisted living and memory care services. Keep reading to…
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Understanding Home Health Care Costs

As our parents age, it’s normal for their needs to evolve. When this happens, they may require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), like bathing, dressing and meal preparation, to get through their day. At this stage of your loved one’s journey, a senior living community may be worth considering. However, some seniors may…
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StoryPoint Senior Living In Union, KY

Nestled on the borders of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, you’ll find a beautiful place to live. Union, Kentucky, offers plenty of places to explore and a plethora of exciting things to do — for people of all ages. For the seniors and employees at StoryPoint Union, a senior living community in Union, being active members…
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Why Fortified Cereals Are Important And Our Favorite Cereal Options

Meeting daily nutritional requirements is essential for maintaining good health. However, for some individuals, especially those with low appetite or trouble swallowing, it may be difficult to meet daily nutritional requirements. Fortified cereals offer a convenient and effective option for people who may struggle to obtain essential vitamins and minerals through their diet alone. So,…
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Fellowship And Community For Seniors | Danbury Millersburg, OH

Introducing Danbury Millersburg! In rural Millersburg, Ohio, our senior living community has a reputation for supporting the greater community, providing the absolute best experience and treating every resident like they’re our own family members. Keep reading to learn more about our community and the surrounding community of Millersburg.   Millersburg, Ohio Millersburg was named after…
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At What Age Are You Considered A Senior Citizen?

When it comes to determining senior citizenship, age is a key factor. However, it’s not the only determinant. Some people consider themselves senior citizens upon reaching retirement, while others prefer to wait a bit longer. Understanding the official senior citizen age can help you access various benefits and resources that are available to seniors, such…
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StoryPoint Group Director Wins Memory Care Innovation Award

We’re proud to announce that Kelly Moran, our very own Director of Aging and Dementia Services, has been honored in the Inaugural Class of the 2024 Memory Care Innovation Awards by Senior Housing News through WTWH Media. The awards spotlight individuals who are blazing trails across the care continuum, all united by a common goal:…
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Celebrating A Century: Creative 100th Birthday Ideas

Turning 100 is much more than another year added to the calendar; it’s a testament to resilience and a wealth of life experiences. It’s also a great opportunity to gather friends and family to celebrate an adventure a century in the making. From choosing the perfect venue and theme, to selecting meaningful gifts and entertainment,…
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29 Creative And Fulfilling Crafts For Seniors

Creating arts and crafts isn’t just for young people. Seniors can enjoy crafting in their free time, too. In addition to learning new skills, exercising your fine motor skills through art can help keep your mind sharp and active. Unique craft pieces can also make great gifts for friends and loved ones. Don’t worry if…
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The Benefits Of Pets And Pet-Friendly Senior Living

For many of us, including older adults, pets are more than just animals. They become cherished companions, sources of joy and members of our families. But, did you know that pets can also enhance the quality of life for seniors? For seniors, the benefits of having pets extend far beyond companionship. Pets can improve their…
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20 Of The Best Trips For Seniors

Retirement presents an exciting new chapter of life, as the hustle of daily routine makes way for new adventures and intriguing possibilities. For many seniors, this can be the perfect opportunity to explore the world and create memories that will last a lifetime. If it feels overwhelming to choose from the abundance of attractive destinations…
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