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Discover StoryPoint Rockford: A Haven For Seniors In Rockford, Michigan!

StoryPoint Rockford is more than your typical senior living community in Rockford, MI — it’s a warm and inviting place where seniors find comfort, connections and opportunities to enjoy their golden years. Offering various living options, including independent living, enhanced living, assisted living and memory care, StoryPoint Rockford meets our residents’ daily needs and provides…
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Welcome To StoryPoint Middletown: Your Choice For Senior Living In Middletown, Kentucky

StoryPoint Middletown is more than just another senior living community in Middletown, Kentucky. Our community is where seniors can find comfort, connection and joy. We offer exceptional experiences for seniors seeking independent living and enhanced living options. We go beyond meeting everyday needs and strive to provide seniors in Middletown with an enriched, vibrant lifestyle.…
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We’re Experts On Enriching Residents’ Lives

Every StoryPoint Group employee has a hand in creating an environment where residents know they belong and they matter. Still, no one is more of an expert in enhancing residents’ lives than our life enrichment directors. Through our unique life enrichment programming, StoryPoint Group senior living communities offer residents a chance to get involved, explore…
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Discovering StoryPoint Chesterfield: Your Choice For A Senior Living Community In New Baltimore, Michigan

StoryPoint Chesterfield is more than another senior living community in New Baltimore, Michigan. Located in the heart of this charming town, our community offers seniors a vibrant lifestyle steeped in tradition, local charm and enriching experiences. StoryPoint Chesterfield is committed to ensuring its residents have an enjoyable and comfortable life in their golden years. With…
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25 Heartfelt Gifts For Caregivers

When an aging loved one needs assistance, it can be difficult to find the time to step away from your busy life and give them the attention they need. Fortunately, caregivers help fill in these gaps and provide essential services to those we care about the most. Caregivers provide their time, energy and attention to…
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Discover Senior Living In Fishers, Indiana

If you’re looking for a senior living community in Fishers, IN, Independence Village of Fishers South is worth your consideration. The community offers a balanced lifestyle full of relaxation, learning and recreation, making it the perfect place for seniors to call home. The city of Fishers, IN, has a rich history and plenty of activities…
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Marguerite’s Touching Return To West Park Branch Library

Libraries are peaceful places with endless opportunities to learn and explore. They are a place of nostalgia and warm memories for many of us. The team at Independence Village of Avon Lake discovered that one of their memory care residents, Marguerite, had a special connection to the library. Marguerite, a retired librarian with 40 years…
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Discovering History And Senior Living In Medina, Ohio

With multiple locations listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Medina, Ohio, has no shortage of historic sites to see. Whether you’re interested in stopping for an information-packed tour or you prefer to be surrounded by historic charm every day, Medina has it all. For seniors who are hoping to experience something new (by…
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Brain Foods For Seniors That Support Brain Health

Research suggests that having a healthy and nutritious diet can help keep our bodies energized, ward off chronic illnesses and promote better brain health. However, healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean ditching your favorite snack or eating boring meals. Instead, you can strive to add more healthy foods to your everyday diet and alternatives that are…
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A Comprehensive Guide To The Cost Of Senior Living

Senior living communities offer a wide variety of amenities and services to help make life easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re considering senior living for yourself or a loved one, cost might be a critical deciding factor. Read on to learn about the key senior living options, how much you can expect to pay for…
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Enriching Residents’ Lives At StoryPoint Mequon

Take a quick drive to Lake Michigan or Milwaukee. Spend the day exploring the beautiful city of Mequon. Whatever you decide to do, Mequon, Wisconsin, is full of possibilities to enjoy the day. For seniors entering retirement or seeking additional support to help them live each day to the fullest, StoryPoint Mequon is full of…
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15 Of The Best Caregiver Apps For 2023

It’s normal for our parents or loved ones to need help getting through their day as they grow older. This can include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), managing medication, scheduling doctor’s appointments, assisting with health emergencies and more. At StoryPoint Group communities, we understand caring for a family member can get overwhelming —…
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25 Of The Best Things To Do In Retirement

Retirement means freedom from work, with time to kick back, relax and enjoy life at a slower pace. But, with so many years ahead of you, you may find yourself running out of things to do in your spare time. Our comprehensive guide is here to help you stay active and discover fresh and interesting…
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Discovering StoryPoint Waterville: Serving Seniors in Waterville, Ohio

StoryPoint Waterville is more than just your typical senior living community in Waterville, Ohio. It’s a welcoming and warm community where seniors find comfort, connections and opportunities to enjoy their golden years. Offering independent living, enhanced living, assisted living and memory care options, StoryPoint Waterville goes beyond meeting everyday needs to provide our residents with…
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10 Best Water Aerobics Exercises For Seniors

Physical activity is great for keeping your body and mind healthy, especially in your golden years. As you get older, physical limitations and medical conditions can limit you from enjoying the activities you once loved — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Water aerobics for seniors are fun, low-impact exercises that give you…
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