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Residents Show Off Their Talents In “Ageless Talent Show” Finals

Residents across various StoryPoint Group senior living communities participated in the first-ever Ageless Talent Show. Throughout the communities nationwide, residents rehearsed and perfected their acts, hoping to showcase their unique talents and passions during this talent show for seniors. After weeks of practice and tough competition, the Ageless Talent Show finale at Independence Village of…
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What Is Active Senior Living?

You’ve built a career. You’ve raised a family. Now, it’s time to put yourself first and truly live the retirement of your dreams. Active senior living is designed for retirees who would prefer an active lifestyle with likeminded individuals, unique activities, amenities and more. This living option could also be the perfect fit for older…
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Learn More About Senior Living In Lapeer

What makes a senior living community special? Is it the unique amenities and features? Or maybe it’s the living options and unique floor plans?  At Devonshire, we know that, while those offerings are important, what truly makes a community special are the everyday experiences residents, families and employees share together. For seniors searching for independent…
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5 Of The Best Healthy Snacks For Seniors

Healthy snacks are the key to leading a healthier lifestyle. The right snacks can help older adults get the calories and nutrients they need in small portions, providing boosts of energy throughout the day.  Better snack food choices are the building blocks to more energy and longevity. That’s why we’re sharing our five best snacks…
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4 Key Signs It May Be Time For Assisted Living

Recommending help is never easy, but sometimes there are signs that tell us our loved ones may benefit from added assistance.  Assisted living communities are designed to meet residents where they’re at and to support them with daily needs, household chores and more—all so they have more time to do what they love.  When is…
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Video Calling Devices For Seniors: A 2023 Buyers Guide

Whether it’s your child showing off their soccer trophy to Grandma and Grandpa or a call just checking in, it’s always uplifting to see your elderly loved one over video chat.  Finding the right technology to video chat with our aging parents keeps them connected to family members and friends, but it isn’t always a…
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6 Of The Best Organizations That Help Seniors

Everyone could use a little support, and fortunately for older adults, there are caring organizations across the country designed to help you live life to the fullest! When it comes to support for seniors, older adults can benefit from nonprofits in a number of ways — from assistance with access to nutritious food, support for…
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6 Best Heart-Healthy Foods For Seniors, With Tasty Recipes

Your heart is the center of your health and vitality, so it’s important to show your heart some love with good nutrition.  Good cardiovascular health is especially crucial for older adults, so if you’re looking to start eating well and improve your well-being, consider a diet that will give your heart health a boost. Stay…
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Thoughtfully Designed And Celebrated! Ames Memory Care Now Open

“I can’t say enough about the staff, residents, and families — everyone who’s made this community what it is,” shared Betsy Warburton, Executive Director of Independence Village of Ames. At the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, community leaders, residents, families and neighbors alike came together to applaud the opening of the…
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4 Exciting Senior Social Clubs You Should Consider Joining

Consider all the ways friends make our lives better. They listen to us, challenge our ideas and celebrate our victories. Friends just make life better and more complete.  For older adults especially, it’s essential to understand the importance of social connections in your life, as well as what you can do to make friends in…
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Oxford Senior Living Chef Goes Above And Beyond For His Community

Curating delicious menus, sharing his culinary expertise, connecting with residents — that’s all a part of Chef Brian’s job description. But what makes this Oxford senior living Executive Chef truly exceptional is all the ways he goes above and beyond to serve his community. Whether that’s by creating delicious dining experiences for Oxford seniors, inspiring…
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Simple And Easy Low-Sodium Meals For Seniors

Let’s begin with a simple truth about sodium. Most of us, especially older adults, could benefit greatly from monitoring or cutting back on our salt intake.  It’s no secret we’ve gotten used to a high-salt diet in this country. Our bodies only need 1/4 teaspoon of salt every day, but the average American eats five…
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Understanding Caregiver Duties And Responsibilities

Household chores today. Grocery shopping tomorrow. While the daily tasks of a caregiver may change, the most important duty always remains the same — providing genuine, compassionate care.   As you begin to assist your parents as they age, you may be wondering how you can best support them as a caregiver. It’s completely normal to…
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