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Gift Giving Guide For Seniors

Gift Giving Guide For Seniors

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Gift Giving Guide For Seniors

With the holidays approaching, you may be unsure what to gift your senior loved one. Oftentimes, seniors aren’t interested in getting more “stuff,” but they might love to receive items that mean a lot to them or anything that they can put to daily use. Here are some items that can make great gifts for a senior.

Sentimental Items

Anything that carries sentimental value or a close, emotional attachment could be a superb gift for your senior loved one. He or she will likely appreciate a gift that you’ve put your heart into. This category of items is broad, and you’ll have to be a bit creative to think of something. You could even team up with your family to make something yourselves.

Here are some ideas for meaningful items:

  • Professionally framed family photos
  • Crafts from grandkids
  • Home comforts and decorations
  • Personalized jewelry, blankets or homemade items


If there’s a gift that will almost certainly be put to use, it’s clothing. For the fashionable types, find something special that suits their tastes. For those on the more practical side, find something comfortable that your loved one can really use and wear regularly.

If shopping is your loved one’s thing, consider getting a gift card to his or her favorite store. You could even go out together for a fun shopping spree.

Hobby Related

Does your loved one have any favorite hobbies? In retirement, many seniors take up some form of hobby. Think about how your loved one likes to spend his or her time, and then look into gifts related to that. As a highly personal option, you’re sure to find a gift he or she will love.

Games And Entertainment

Is your loved one a movie buff? Or are they a big fan of any musical artists? Think about DVDs, albums, fan merchandise or any other items that would help him or her enjoy these passions even more.

Board games and cards, even backyard games are great gifts, too. Especially in senior living communities, games are a great way to have fun and interact with other seniors. Likewise, during family gatherings, games are a wonderful way to bring everyone together.

Make It Fun

Sharing gifts is a fun and enjoyable activity. With that in mind, don’t stress over which things your senior will like best. As long as you put in the effort and think about what matters most to them, you’ll find something that’ll do the job. Have fun with it, and remember that your loved one is probably worrying about what to get you too!

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StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

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