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25 Heartfelt Gifts For Caregivers

25 Heartfelt Gifts For Caregivers

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25 Heartfelt Gifts For Caregivers

When an aging loved one needs assistance, it can be difficult to find the time to step away from your busy life and give them the attention they need. Fortunately, caregivers help fill in these gaps and provide essential services to those we care about the most.

Caregivers provide their time, energy and attention to make sure aging parents receive the love and care they deserve — the best ones practically become members of the family! The services they provide are so essential, it’s natural to want to express your gratitude for everything they do. However, this is often easier said than done; how can you recognize the care they give on a daily basis?

To help make things easier for you, we’re providing a comprehensive list of gifts for a caregiver you can reference to find the perfect way to express your gratitude. Every person and situation is unique, so we’ve provided a list of 23 gift ideas for caregivers spanning all types of personalities and hobbies. From tech junkie to outdoor fanatic, you’ll be sure to find the present that expresses how you truly feel.


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The Importance Of Showing Caregivers Appreciation

What caregivers give us in times of need cannot be overstated. Because of this, finding gifts for a caregiver that show you care for them as much as they care for your aging loved one can be difficult. It’s truly the thought that counts, so try to personalize your gift as much as possible.

When considering different gifts for caregivers, try to get to know yours the best you can. What hobbies do they enjoy? Are they more of a homebody, or do they enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking? You may need to strike up a conversation to get to know what sort of gifts would really make their day.

Another thing to keep in mind is the occasion for the gift. Is it their birthday or just time to show a sign of everyday appreciation? Depending on the context, you might want to change which gift for caregivers you give.

Whatever your circumstances are, the perfect gift is out there. Here are our 23 best caretaker gifts for any situation.


Self-Care And Relaxation Gifts For Caregivers

Caregivers dedicate their lives to helping others, but they often don’t have time to do something for themselves. These gifts are selected to help them unwind and practice a little self-care.

burts bees gift setBurt’s Bees Gift Set $9.99 — If you have no idea what to get, this gift is a great place to start. It includes chapstick, hand lotion, cleansing cream and more. 
relaxation candleRelaxation Candle $19.99 — You can never have too many candles. They are a great neutral gift that will go over well with just about everyone. 
bath bombsBath Bomb Set $21.99 — Nothing says “relaxation” like a nice, warm bath. This is a fantastic choice if you know your caretaker loves to take it easy after a stressful day. 
lotion variety setLotion Variety Set $25.00 — Since your caretaker works with their hands all day, they will be sure to appreciate this gift. 
essential oil diffuserEssential Oil Diffuser $32.99 — Essential oils are a great way to change the atmosphere of a room into something more relaxing. They can also choose which oils to use to fit their personality and mood.  


Tech Gifts For Caregivers

For tech junkies, it can be tough to find gifts for caregivers that are both exciting and affordable. Here are some of the best options that show your appreciation without breaking the bank.

wireless ear budsWireless Earbuds $22.99 — If they don’t already have a pair of wireless earbuds, you can’t go wrong with this affordable tech gift. 
bluetooth speakerVoch Night Light Bluetooth Speaker $29.99  — This speaker comes with a variety of customizable color options so they can pick which one suits them. It’s the perfect addition to any nightstand.
fitness trackerFitness Tracker $29.99 — Whether your caretaker is a fitness aficionado or just wants to keep track of their steps, an affordable, high-tech tracker will help them monitor their health.
google nest miniGoogle Nest Mini $39.96 — For such a small package, this smart speaker packs a big punch. They can use it to answer questions, play music and much more.
fire stickAmazon Fire Stick With Smart Remote $49.99 — What’s a better way to unwind after a long day of work than watching your favorite show? Amazon’s Fire Stick has access to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and other streaming services.


Books And Journals For Your Caregiver

Books and journals make amazing gifts for those who love to read and write, but which one should you choose? Here is our curated list of books.

you need to care too book“You Need Care Too: Self Care For The Professional Caregiver” $8.99 — It’s no secret that caregiving can be an emotionally draining job. This book will break down how they can begin practicing a little self-care. 
AARP meditations for caregivers“AARP Meditations For Caregivers” $10.32 — This book of meditations is written by three experts on caregiving and the struggles caregivers face. It packs a ton of wisdom between its pages. 
daily comforts for caregivers book“Daily Comforts For Caregivers” $14.00 — This book is a collection of insight, wisdom and humor for every day of the year. Each topic is organized in an index, so they can pick a section that speaks to them at the moment.
journal and pen setJournal And Pen Set $14.99 — Writing about the day can help people prioritize their lives and reflect on their emotions. 
the conscious caregiver book“The Conscious Caregiver ” $16.99 — This is an empowering book that speaks honestly about the guilt, worry and love that come with caregiving. 

DIY And Handmade Gift Ideas

Caretaking is an intimate and hands-on job. To show you care, handmade gifts are the perfect way to express how much you appreciate the time and effort they’ve given to your loved one.

mason jar gardenMason Jar Indoor Garden $20.00 — These handmade sets allow them to grow a variety of useful herbs in stylish containers.
homemade necklaceCaregiver Handmade Necklace $28.00 — This handmade necklace has two rings intertwined, symbolizing the connections your caretaker has made with you and your loved one.
succulent care packageSucculent Care Package $34.60 — This basket is full of excellent gifts, including a succulent, handmade soap, a bath bomb and more.
make your own chocolate kitMake Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit $38.00 — If your caretaker is a chocolate fanatic, this gift offers a fun way to make delicious treats they’re sure to love.
3d puzzle3D Puzzle $23.98 — This unique puzzle is great for those who love to get hands-on and tinker.


Gifts For An Outdoorsy Caregiver

If your loved one’s caregiver enjoys to hike, run or just get outdoors to relax, something they can use during their favorite activities makes a great gift. Here are our best gifts that will satisfy people who can’t get enough of nature.

hammockHammock $14.99 — Whether they love to hike or just hang out in nature, a hammock is a great way for them to relax outside.
foldable picnic basketFoldable Picnic Basket $32.99 — This gift set is perfect for people who are more interested in picnicking than hiking. 
blackstone swiss army knifeBlackstone Swiss Army Knife $24.99 — If your caretaker is heading outdoors, you’ll never know what they need at any moment, which makes this multitool a great option.
firestarter kitFirestarter Kit $33.00 — This kit is a great gift for those who love camping, hiking or setting up a firepit in their backyard. 
yetti rambler bottleYeti Rambler Bottle $40.00 — Yetis are famous for their indestructibility, so no matter what your caretaker is doing, this bottle is up to the task. 


​​Thoughtful Gestures And Acts Of Kindness

When searching for gifts, an act of kindness says more than any physical object can. Caretakers give pieces of themselves to our loved ones every day through their actions, so it makes sense to return the favor. We’ve compiled a few simple gestures you can give to show them how much you truly appreciate them.

  • Time off — Caregivers give a lot to aging loved ones, but time might be their most valuable gift. Show your appreciation by giving them a little extra time off to do what they love.
  • Write a hand-written letter — Expressing your gratitude through words of kindness can be touching for someone you truly appreciate.
  • Make them a take-home meal — A homemade meal they can heat up later is a great way to express your gratitude and spare the time it would take to make dinner for themselves.

Whatever the gift-giving occasion, take your time and do your research so you can get them something as unique as they are.


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