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The Importance Of Building Relationships In Senior Living

The Importance Of Building Relationships In Senior Living

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The Importance Of Building Relationships In Senior Living

It can be tricky to form new relationships at any stage of life. As we age, our lives become centered around our families and daily routines, and our interactions with friends tend to decrease.

Despite this, friendships and regular social interactions are important for overall happiness and well-being at any age – especially in senior living. Here’s why.

Socialization Improves Health

Numerous studies have shown the positive mental and physical health benefits social interaction provides. From happiness levels to fewer health problems, regular social connections have been proven to help people enjoy life more, better maintain health and even live longer.

Relationships also help keep seniors mentally stimulated. Engaging in conversation keeps seniors up-to-date on current events, exposes them to different viewpoints and helps them form lasting connections with others.

Friendships Make The Community Feel Like Home

Moving to a senior living community can be nerve-wracking for seniors. Leaving the comforts of home behind and moving to an unfamiliar place can invoke a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.

Think back to when you started something for the first time. Maybe it was your first day of college. Or perhaps you moved to a different city and started a new job. Think of how nervous you were — you didn’t know anyone, you were unfamiliar with the culture and unaware of the way things worked.

But then you made a friend. And your friend helped you navigate your new surroundings and made you feel like you belonged.

It’s the same in senior living — forming friendships with neighbors in the dining room and at social activities helps seniors more quickly acclimate to their new home and feel like they’re part of the community.

Relationships Make Life Fun

One of the biggest perks of senior living communities are the daily activities. From off-site excursions to fitness classes, book clubs and more, seniors are able to partake in activities that interest them with like-minded individuals.

As seniors develop relationships, they begin to enjoy doing things. They spend less time in their apartments. They get more involved in the community. And most importantly, they take advantage of everything retirement living has to offer.

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StoryPoint Group communities are centered around facilitating connections. If you’re interested in learning more about transitioning to senior living, determining which type of community is the best fit is a great place to start. Take our survey here to find out.

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