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The Scheben Story

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The Scheben Story

The Scheben Story

The Scheben family has been a part of the Union community for generations. When the northern Kentucky city was just forming, the family members were farmers, innovators, business owners, and leaders in the city’s development. 

For some, the growth of a city is a large burden to carry. For Bill and Betsy Scheben, it was a legacy they were happy to uphold. 

Keep reading to learn more about Bill and Betsy’s story and how their work has impacted their community —  both in the greater Union area and at StoryPoint Union.

Leaders In Union

Together, husband and wife, Bill and Betsy Scheben, are passionate advocates for their community, and they’ve both left their mark over the years. Though their story may have started on a 48-acre family farm filled with pigs and chickens, the Scheben family’s influence quickly grew from there.

You are likely aware that Triple Crown is well-known as one of the finest country clubs and residential communities in northern Kentucky. What you probably didn’t know is that the idea for the community actually began in a basement. 

The development, which now includes over 2,000 houses spanning 300 acres, was in fact started in the Scheben’s basement. Together with their partners, the Scheben’s dreamed of a community with the same beauty and elegance as horse racing. 

Though it was trying at times, the Schebens and their partners helped the community flourish and created the luxurious living spaces and exceptional country club we know today. 

Over the years, Bill and Betsy have offered their time and resources to an adult care center in Union, a too-often-underserved community that is especially close to their hearts. 

This center provides daytime programming and therapeutic activity for medically compromised and/or disabled adults. Both Bill and Betsy proudly served on the board for this care center for nearly 50 years, helping to promote the center’s mission of empowering the disabled.

After returning from vacation one year, the rest of the care center board surprised the Schebens by sharing they had voted to rename the center in their absence.  

What did they decide to call it? The Bill and Betsy Scheben Care Center. 

The Schebens didn’t hang their hat on that honor, though. They continued their work within the Union community, sponsoring a local library, the Boone County Public Library, the Scheben Branch, serving on several other community boards, and more. 

Even after all that hard work and achievement, that’s not what the Schebens are most proud of. 

“I’m most proud of being married for 59 years, and the two great kids, Lee and Scott, that we have raised together,” Bill said. 

Leaders At StoryPoint Union

When Bill and Betsy longed for a community that could support them in their retirement, they turned to StoryPoint. 

Many people they knew already lived at the community, so the couple was excited to reconnect with old friends. Now that they live here, Bill and Betsy are pleased with the activities available to residents, chef-prepared meals, transportation, personalized services and more. 

“Everybody can find something that they like,” Bill said. 

Betsy agreed, sharing, “And it’s good to get out and about occasionally.”

To help them get acclimated to the community, the pair turned to Leanna, the StoryPoint Union Executive Director. Little did they know, Leanna was in need of their advice, too. 

While the Schebens were Union experts, Leanna wasn’t from northern Kentucky, so she wasn’t familiar with the area. 

“One of the first times I met them, the Schebens shared with me that my house is actually right near the old Scheben farm,” Leanna said. “I’m not from here. We didn’t really have roots here, but making that connection makes it feel more like home.” 

While the Schebens welcomed Leanna to the Union community, she welcomed them to StoryPoint. Leanna was thankful for their guidance and happy to offer them support, too. 

“I have the privilege and the responsibility of coming to work inside someone’s home every single day,” Leanna said. “I consider our residents my friends — my close friends! And it’s an honor to be a part of a community with them.”

The StoryPoint Group Family

Stories like these, and residents like Bill and Betsy, are what make StoryPoint Group communities such a special place to live. 

For more information about how you can be a part of the StoryPoint Group family, come and see the community nearest you today. 

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