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Apartments For Seniors: Choosing Your Community

Apartments For Seniors: Choosing Your Community

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Apartments For Seniors: Choosing Your Community

Deciding to move into a senior apartment can be both exciting and intimidating. It is important to find a community that fits both your needs and your personality. For help choosing the perfect senior apartment community, check out our helpful tips.

Determine Your Desired Service Level

Before you begin your search for a senior apartment, first determine the type of service that is either currently or potentially needed. It is important to find a community that offers services to suit any medical or mobility needs. Here’s a brief breakdown of the four main service types to help you decide what type of community is right for you:
  • Independent Living is designed for highly independent residents, with basic services and minimal staff assistance.
  • Enhanced Living is perfect for residents who require a bit more assistance, Enhanced living includes all the benefits of independent living plus options for additional assistance.
  • Assisted Living communities are safe environments where staff can administer medications and coordinate with residents’ personal healthcare providers. These communities are secured for resident safety.
  • Memory Care offers safe and licensed services designed specifically for seniors with memory impairments.

Research Additional Amenities and Services

Once you’ve determined the types of services you desire, consider the community aspect of your senior apartment. Do some research to see what the extra amenities and events the community offers. Check out event calendars, food menus and other amenities to see if you could see yourself living there.

Other items to consider when looking for your perfect senior apartment community include:
  • Location: how close are you to family and friends?
  • Extra services: what additional services does the community offer?
  • Housing style: how large or small are the apartments? Are they furnished?

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Schedule Visits of Numerous Communities

Once you’ve found a few promising senior living communities, take a tour or two. It doesn’t matter how beautifully someone explains a community, no one can experience quite like you. When visiting, take some time to sit down with residents and staff members and talk about their experiences. When touring a community, pay attention to:
  • Resident activity level – do the residents have fun participating in activities?
  • Staff friendliness – does the staff seem happy to be there?
  • Community cleanliness – does the community look and smell clean?

Learn More With Independence Village

The search for a senior apartment takes time and careful planning. For more advice on how to find your right fit, reach out to one of our Community Specialists. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect senior apartment for your needs.

StoryPoint Group

StoryPoint Group | Senior Care Experts

Leaders in Senior Living Services

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