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Talking to Your Parents About Assisted Living: When’s The Right Time

Have you been putting off talking to your parents about moving into an assisted living community? Having this discussion with your mom or dad can be a scary task however, as your parents’ age, this conversation may become necessary. Here are a few signs that your loved one is ready for assisted living to help you determine the right time to talk.

Pressing Safety or Security Concerns

Perhaps the most identifiable sign that it’s time to talk to your loved one about assisted living is a safety or security concern. If you feel your parents are in danger staying at home, talk to them about transitioning into an assisted living community immediately. A few specific signs to look for include:
  • A recent injury or fall while home alone
  • Appliances left plugged in or running
  • Forgetting to close or lock doors and windows

Noticeable Changes in Home or Personal Care

As seniors age, it can become increasingly difficult to take care of themselves. Neglecting typical household chores or personal hygiene may show that your parents are struggling to live on their own and that it’s time to discuss moving to an assisted living community. Indicators of faltering personal care may be:
  • Wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row
  • Dead or dying houseplants
  • No longer brushing teeth or washing hair
  • Clutter piling up on tables and chairs

Are You Experiencing Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for senior parents can become stressful and time consuming. While it is understandable to want to help your parents every chance you get, you’re no good to them if you’re overworked. Signs you may be overwhelmed can include, but are not limited to:
  • Constantly feeling tired or fatigued
  • Loss of interest in favorite hobbies
  • Changes in appetite, weight and sleeping patterns
  • Getting sick more often

StoryPoint Is Here to Help You Talk to Your Parents

If you begin to notice these signs with your parents, it’s time to start the conversation about assisted living. Be sure to tread lightly when speaking and keep your parents thoughts and feelings in mind. Our knowledgeable staff at StoryPoint would be happy to help you discuss the benefits of assisted living with your parents. Schedule a visit to one of our locations or give us a call at 1-855-40-STORY for more information.


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