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Memory Matters Symposium 2016 – StoryPoint Saline

StoryPoint Saline has proudly partnered with Senior Helpers this year to have Mrs. Teepa Snow at our Memory Matters Symposium 2016.

Mrs. Teepa is an occupational therapist working as a dementia care and dementia education specialist. She has over 33 years of clinical experience in the field of geriatrics and dementia care, as well as having provided care to family members with dementing illnesses. Currently, she has an independent practice as well as clinical appointments with Duke University’s School of Nursing & UNC-CH School of Medicine.

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She provides interactive and creative educational and practical hands-on training sessions to organizations and providers throughout the US & Canada. She has been actively involved in teaching and clinical research projects throughout her practice career.

Memory Matters Symposium is about learning, loving and living with memory loss. It is a free conference on living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

These gatherings allow individuals to meet with new friends and join others who are learning about and living with memory impairments. The event is complementary and welcome to anyone affected by memory loss as well as all partners, spouses, family members and friends

StoryPoint brings the experts to you, and we are honored to have Mrs. Teepa Snow join us as our main keynote speaker for the 2016 Memory Matters Symposium.

To learn more about this year’s symposium, click on the link below for our flyer:

Memory Matters Flyer 2016

Our sponsors have been incredible and we are thankful to work with such a powerful community.

Thank you:

Memory Matters Symposium sponsors


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