Our Difference

StoryPoint is more than just an innovative senior living community—we’re a pioneer in the field. For people considering Independent Living, Enhanced Living?, Assisted Living, or Memory Care, we offer the very latest advances, not only in technology, but in our approach to your life experience. At StoryPoint as well as at our sister company Independence Village, we believe in celebrating each resident as an individual and fostering the continuance of their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth. Our 35 years’ experience working and living with seniors has resulted in a deep understanding of their unique needs and desires. Every staff member in our community is committed to providing our residents with the best experience in each interaction they share, no matter how small or significant. It’s this combination of technology, understanding, appreciation, and commitment that sets us apart from other communities and makes our culture so special for both our staff and our residents.

Culinary Excellence


StoryPoint’s approach to dining goes far beyond providing three meals a day. We believe that the meals we prepare and serve are the fundamental link between health, wellness, and social interaction. Our goal is to raise the bar in our industry and make the culinary experience as excellent as all other aspects of life at StoryPoint.

Our philosophy is based on two things: passion and flavor. Our culinary staff is passionate about the menus and meals they produce, and are excited about variety, technique, and quality of ingredients. We believe in preparing homemade, full flavored and nutritious meals that hit three marks:



It’s Delicious: You’ll savor every delectable bite.


It’s Memorable: You’ll remember our dishes and ask for them again.


It’s Craveable: You won’t be able to stop thinking about your last delicious meal.

To meet these standards, our kitchen uses ingredients that are in peak season to capture the maximum flavor and nutritional value. Our partnerships with local farms allow us to stay stocked with the best foods possible. We use organic meats that are U.S.D.A. certified, free of hormones and fillers, and locally purchased seafood whenever possible. Corporate Executive Chef Tim Bryant is committed to culinary excellence and he uses an extensive interview process before hiring anyone new to the StoryPoint Culinary Team. We take great care in learning our residents’ preferences and dietary requirements as well, and are happy to accommodate any dietary or meal restrictions.

Life Enrichment Programs

StoryPoint’s Life Enrichment programs are designed to discover and deliver the keys to our residents’ happiness. Across all our communities—Independent Living, Enhanced Living?, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, we are committed to using innovative techniques to involve residents in activities and programs that result in the full enjoyment and appreciation of their unique interests.

Our Life Enrichment Directors consult quarterly with a board of local business owners to help create and innovate programming and we include residents who are interested in participating in our senior intern program. StoryPoint residents are also encouraged to volunteer to run daily programs that are in their area of interest or expertise.

Wellness Programs

Assisted Living and Memory Care residents receive specialized services and care that are personalized to their individual needs. Our entire community is built around accommodating these requirements, from our staff, to our state-of-the-art residences and common areas. One such feature is our Nurse Call System, which enhances safety and reassures residents through silent alert technology. While it is not a fall prevention device, it allows staff to monitor patterns of sleep, restlessness, and movement to identify trends, so we can personalize care for each resident.

House & Maintenance

StoryPoint’s House and Maintenance staff are unique in that they are trained in customer service first, and job skills second. We believe that all employees across every department should strive to put our residents first, and it shows in every interaction. For example, we take great care to protect our residents from harsh chemicals that are sometimes used in cleaning and disinfection processes as well. We use only biodegradable, low VOC products that are non-asthmagenic and safe for pets. The materials we use in our apartments, from the floors to the walls, are designed to be mold and stain resistant, easy to clean, and won’t trap dust, dander, or other allergens.

We are committed to providing residents with clean, comfortable, and healthy homes and our staff are happy to help keep them that way.

Community Integration

At StoryPoint, we’re committed to our communities in which we live. We believe that it’s just as important to serve the people under our roof as the ones outside it. To that end, we actively:
  • Partner and sponsor local chambers and events
  • Support local small businesses
  • Partner with local farms in our culinary experience
  • Design visually aesthetic campuses to enhance the face of the community
  • Provide an active and stimulating environment for our residents

We also support community members whose lives may be touched by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease by partnering with industry innovators and hosting symposiums on the topic.

Our People

Across every department at StoryPoint, our staff are unanimous in their commitment to care. To put it simply: we value people. Our core values are centered around the belief that each individual has something special and unique to offer the world, and we embrace and appreciate it. In every interaction, we demonstrate kindness, collaboration, dedication, and understanding. We are advocates for you, and our relationship with you is our primary focus each and every day.


“As we go through life itself, certain flavors create taste memories. We want our meals to be full of flavor and create memorable events for our residents”

– Tim Bryant, Corporate Executive Chef

“Great Food & Ridiculous Service! Every Meal, Every Resident, No Exceptions, No Excuses!”

– Tim Bryant, Corporate Executive Chef

“I work with my team to provide education and resources for professionals and families who are seeking solutions for Senior Care options. It is a pleasure to promote a company who truly has ‘Heart’ and proves it every day by making their Residents #1!”

– Joellyn Gutherie, Director of Business Development

“I listen to their hopes and dreams and I will continuously pursue ways to make them come true!”

– Kelly Moran, Director of Resident Experience

“Our housekeeping staff doesn’t just clean… they engage with the residents that they see on a daily basis, and it’s my job to make sure that’s included in their time!”

– Keith Stark, Director of House /Maintenance and Capital Asset Management